Sooner or later every bathroom needs redecoration. This is even more obvious if the bathroom is used by more than one person. Families can really make a ruin out of a bathroom. It is not because nobody cleans it or because of negligence. It simply becomes scruffy and old due to its nature. It is full of damp and mold is also not a rare guest in the bathroom area. Due to all these influences, the bathroom needs a special regime. Since most people are not able to replace major bathroom features such as the tiles and the bath too often, you should go for the changes that are affordable and which can also make your bathroom a real eye- (and bath-) candy.

Repaint Old Cabinets or Vanities

Due to damp that accumulates in the bathroom, wooden surfaces often crack and paint falls off of them, as well. If you let them stay cracked, the wood will just rot even more and then you will have to throw them away. Also, before their doomsday, they will become a habitat for numerous insects. To curb such unfolding of a bathroom story, you should get some wood, paint and repaint the cracked cabinets and vanities. While doing that, you should also check the fringes on the doors of these items, as well as the drawers. Since you might need to screw a nut or two or even replace a fringe, you have to buy trade tools for home repairs to have them at disposal when you want to fix something.

How To Groom Your Bathroom

Make Your Own Medicine Cabinet

If the old cabinet is repairable, you should apply the tips from the previous paragraph. However, if it is not usable anymore out of any reason whatsoever, you should try and make your own medicine cabinet. It is even better and less time-consuming to try to repurpose a smaller closet or a bedside. Say that you are planning to buy new bed sides to refresh your bedroom and you want to get rid of the old bed sides. Instead of throwing them away, you play it in an ecological way and simply reuse it for the medicine cabinet.

More Shelves – More Vintage

Installing a shelf or two in your bathroom might give it a more vintage bathroom look. This connection might be a bit blurred. Actually, it is so, but it will not be the case anymore if you add a vintage holder under your shelves. The thing is that holders can be beautifully adorned and they will give that rustic feeling to your bathroom. A holder without a shelf would be pointless. That is why you also need a shelf or two.

Also, another vintage feature can be added to your bathroom – checked curtains on the window(s) and maybe even along the mirror sides.

Grooming your bathroom to give it back dignity and also improve some hygiene features can be done quite efficiently even if you do not have a large budget. You just need a little time and a lot of creative ideas.