Hiring a Cleaning Professional

Trying to keep a clean house is nearly impossible, especially when working a 40 plus hour work week, taking care of the kids and animals and making sure dinner is ready every night. There usually are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the daily routine of keeping your house clean which is why many Americans are now turning to hiring cleaning professionals. Many cleaning companies have several different packages for you to choose from whether you need someone daily or someone a few days a week. You can choose the type of service that you need from simple cleaning like needing someone to run the vacuum and dust to a full service cleaning that includes kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry.  Many companies are also offering a green option in which, they will only use cleaning products that are organic and free of potentially harmful chemicals. This option has grown in popularity so much that some cleaning companies only clean with these types of products.

Independent vs. Company

When it comes to hiring a cleaning company there are few different ways you can go. You can hire a professional cleaning company where the company sends out two or three employees to your home to do the cleaning. These companies typically have commercial cleaning equipment and have insurance; in case someone was to steal, get hurt etc. in your home. These companies typically seem to be a little more expensive than an independent cleaner. Independent cleaners are usually individuals who do not belong to a company and can be a little more cost effective. Many independent cleaners will have options of bringing their own equipment such as vacuums, dusters and cleaning supplies or you can choose to supply the cleaning equipment which typically reduces the price. Independent cleaners do not usually have insurance so if something was to happen to them like get hurt in your home it would fall under your homeowners insurance, however; independent cleaners are usually references from other friends or family members and are trusted to be in your home to clean.


If you are uncomfortable with having people in your home there are other options; iRobots. iRobots are line of self cleaning systems. The self cleaning systems that are out there can sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. The cost varies depending on the models but, typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand. This may seem pricey, but over the course of time they would still be the cheaper option than hiring a human. Another benefit of getting the iRobot line is that you can set them up so that they clean while you are at work and they even go back to their charging stations when they are finished. There is not a lot of maintenance with these products besides, emptying out their garbage containers in which the iRobot will tell you when it is time to do so and the benefit is that you will not have to have strangers in your home.

Antoinette – Superb Cleaning Services Team