A quality wooden door can complete the look of a room, but choosing the colours to match can be a difficult task. Certain tones and finishes of wood can be suited to different styles and colour schemes, so you don’t want to invest in renovating your home only to find you have a clash. To help you complement your furniture with its décor, let’s take a look at the colour schemes to match the different types of wood.


Oak is a classic look for a room because the warmth of the rich colours within give it a natural golden tint. To complement this, you can either choose light colours that bring out the lighter tones such as creams and beiges, or indulge the darker hues within the wood to provide a contrast. If you choose the latter, then rich colours such as ruby red and royal blue can give you a decadent choice of décor for a room. Looking for some middle ground? Farrow and Ball pastels such as apple green, blue and peach work perfectly with that French country look. Emerald Doors in Brighouse have a wide range of oak doors available, have a look here http://emeralddoors.co.uk/oak-doors

Choosing The Décor To Match Your Wooden Door


A stylish option for both interior and exterior doors, walnut is becoming an increasingly popular option for wooden doors and furniture. The rich warmth of this natural finish looks classy against cool colours such as blues and greys. As such, it’s often chosen for bathrooms interior doors. Other colours that look great against walnut are garden tones such as rose pink, pastel yellow and sage green, perfect if you’re looking for a light and airy finish for a bedroom or living room.


A light but warm coloured wood, you should choose a scheme that emphasises this character when decorating a room. Neutral colours such as creams and beiges are a safe bet for a living room or hallway that won’t require much maintenance as fashion changes. However if you’d rather inject a bit more personality in your colour scheme, then opt for either soft cool tones of blues, pinks and greens, or warm variations of red to, avoid any clash with the colours of the wood.


The advantage of choosing a hardwood door or furniture is of course that you can refresh and change the colour as and when you feel like it. Hardwood is easy to customise, and as long as you care for the wood it should retain its quality for years to come. This is especially important when dealing with exterior doors. Therefore where hardwood is concerned, the answer as to what colour matches it is entirely dependent on the finish.
Whether you’re redecorating to match your new furniture, or you want to find a door to match its existing look, co-ordinating your colours is important to complete the overall appearance of a room. With this introduction to some of the most popular woods and the colours that match them, you should be able to create a stylish room, where your quality wooden features receive the attention they deserve.

Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam who is a freelancce copywriter and lover of words.