Are you planning on renovating your kitchen? Among the various other things that you need to look into, kitchen worktops play an important role in your kitchen, whether you consider how to make your kitchen look more sophisticated or how to improve its usability and comfort.

Choosing and ordering the correct kitchen worktops requires you to pay attention to a number of different factors. From understanding your specific requirements to looking into the quality of the material being used, the costs and the looks, a number of things come into play.

Today, let us look at a few factors that are likely influence your decision on how to choose the correct kitchen worktops in UK for your kitchen.

Your requirements

When you start looking for stores selling kitchen worktops in UK, you need to understand what are your specific requirements before anything else.

Are you after a worktop on which you plan to do all the cooking? Are you looking for a breakfast bar instead? Your specific requirements should be your first consideration and should influence what you are planning to purchase as well.

Choosing The Correct Kitchen Worktops To Suit Your Specific Requirements

Wear and tear

The type of material to be used for the worktop depends on a number of factors, wear and tear being one of them.

If the worktop is likely to see a considerable amount of load, contact with knives and choppers, possibility of staining and wear and tear, go for a granite worktop. Granite is tough, strong, stainless and has good heat resistant properties.

Depending on the amount of wear and tear your worktop is likely to see, you can also choose quartz worktops, glass worktops and other materials. Just bear in mind that granite is one of the toughest stones in the world and can be an ideal material for worktops you want to last for generations!

Considering the aesthetics

Now you must take a look at the aesthetics as well.

Try to select materials that match the colour of your kitchen and will add to the theme you have planned to go with. Different stones and materials have different looks. It may pay to have a look at each of the options to see what would suit your kitchen the most.


The cost of a worktop is sometimes a deciding factor as well. While granite worktops in UK may not always cost you a fortune, there are cheaper materials as well that may fit into your budget more easily. Look at such options too as long as you are sure you are not compromising on the quality of the worktop.

Fittings and custom options

You can always order a customised worktop to fit into your kitchen. There are stores like Midlands Granite Worktops that offer you a wide range of ready to fit-in products. Check through such stores and see if you come across something that would suit your kitchen in the best possible way.

No matter what you finally choose to purchase, always look for worktops that closely meet all your requirements and at the same time are reasonably priced as well.

Samantha is a lifestyle blogger and an interior designer. She has worked with various home improvement businesses helping clients plan kitchen worktops in UK, children’s room and other home renovations.