Camlock couplings are also called as cam and groove couplings. They are widely used in industries for transfer of large amounts of industrial liquids and also dry products. They are used for fast attachment and detachment of hoses and pipes in large industrial drums, totes and even storage tankers. Also, when the large hoses and pipes have to be separated or joined, these couplings come in handy. They are particularly handy in the chemical industry where different chemicals are needed to be poured or mixed at high flow speeds and the connecting hoses have to be attached and detached at a rapid pace. These are commonly referred to as quick release couplers. They are manufactured in response to the large demand from the industry and now they are practically indispensable to it.

They are called cam and groove couplings as they have two main components-  the male grooved connector and the female cam which can be joined  together to form an  airtight and leak proof seal. They can be used for applications which handle fluids at low pressures. The male groove can be easily fitted into the female cam and the Camlock arms are then clamped on. This is an excellent method to connect two hoses or pipes of the same diameter safely and securely. The seal is totally safe and secure. When the two hoses are not connected or the drum hole is detached from the hose, the Camlock fitting has a lid which closes securely over the drum hole. The alloy coupling that is selected should be the right one.

To cater to a wide range of industries, Camlock fittings come in different shapes and sizes. The standard size of these fittings is 0.5 to 6 inches. Containers of medium size have a 2 inch pipe, so a coupling with diameter 2 inches is ideal for it. Fitting of a Camlock coupling for a tanker will be larger. A coupling of diameter 4 inches will be required. Sometimes, the feeder line may be of lesser diameter and an adaptor may be needed to fix it.

The method used to install a Camlock coupling is very easy.

  1. First, remove the Camlock safety cap of the tote or drum valve.
  2. Connect the male adaptor of the Camlock to this end.
  3. Since the female cam is attached to the hose, connect it to the male groove.
  4. Use the locking arms of the Camlock to lock the seal in place. Make sure that the attachment is done at low pressure.

The design of the Camlock is practical and popular due to the ease of attachment and detachment. So it is in demand in a variety of industries like the petroleum industry, the chemical industry, water and sanitation, agriculture and railways. It is even used in the food industry where it is required to be of food grade and high hygiene levels are needed to be maintained. There are other areas where Camlock couplings are used like the fire services and in cleaning trucks.

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