When it is time to change your tyres on your car, the biggest question then is: what to do with the old ones? Why not reuse them if possible. Used tyres are an excellent way to decorate your yard, and if you have kids, why not make them a small playground and add a little excitement with old tyres.

A Tyre Pond

If you want to make a small stylish pond in your garden so that all your visitors can be awed, then use and old tyre; it is just the right size and if you decorate the edges then you will have a very nice addition in your backyard. Moreover, by combining a number of tyres you can extend your pond and create unique shapes, imagination is your only limitation.

Tyre Plants

Charming DIY Ideas How To Reuse Old Tires

If you love gardening and you have a lot of plants laying around which need a place to stay, use old tyres as they will give the pots a unique twist. Depending on different tyre sizes you will be able to create different kinds of pots and spice up your garden even more. Remember that if you stack these tyre pots you can also step up your decoration game.

Little Tables

If you need a little table in or outside, then perhaps a little DIY will help you out here, you can create tables by using old tyres and the material you want your table to be made of. Simply working around the tyre will let you create magnificent pieces of furniture which will be not only practical but also recycled.

Make your Kids Happy

Charming DIY Ideas How To Reuse Old Tires

If you have a big backyard, and your love playgrounds, then why not make them a tyre swing they can enjoy at home. All you need is a few old tyres laying around, or if you need you can always buy cheap tyres from someone who does not need them anymore, a big tree, some chains and you are ready to go.

And if you place some tyres in your garden, you can create barriers that the kids can jump over, or run on them. But if you have bigger tyres, then perhaps making a tunnel for your little children to play around is also a good idea.

Moreover, if you cut the tyres up, then you can use the strips for safety as well in your existing garden playground.