If you are planning on migrating to Australia, one of the most important and challenging steps in this process will be finding a job Down Under. There are a lot of great opportunities, but there are also a lot of skilled applicants that you will be competing with. It can take a while to find a job and it is important to apply for any and all applicable opportunities.

A great expression to keep in mind when you are applying for jobs before you emigrate to Australia from the UK is to “cast a wide net.” This, of course, is a fishing term that refers to using a very large net so that you have a better chance of catching more fish within it. When used in the context of applying for jobs, it means that you should be looking far and wide for job opportunities and that you should apply for as many as possible. Also, it means that you should be creative and diverse when looking for jobs, as you might find them in different places than the obvious.

Cast A Wide Net When Applying For Jobs In Australia

If you only send out five CVs to potential employers in Australia, you have a pretty small chance that one of them will be the job that hires you. However, if you send out 50 CVs you will have a much better chance that your CV will be noticed by at least a few of those companies and you will be asked for an interview. Invest some time into sending out your CV to as many relevant companies as possible. Of course, make sure that you tweak the details of each one so that it is relevant to the job you are applying for rather than being a generic one size fits all resume.

If you have created a profile on a job search website, don’t be afraid to create other profiles on other recruitment websites as well. There’s nothing wrong with being on more than one and when you are you will be increasing your chances. Some jobs may be listed on one website and not the other, so you have a better chance of spotting them if you check all of them.

Also, casting a wide net means opening up your job search to include many other ways of finding employment. If you are just looking at online job listings you are missing a lot of great opportunities to find jobs in other ways. For example, here are some other creative ways that you can find work:

  • Follow the companies you are interested in working with on social media, as they sometimes announce vacancies there. Make sure that your social media presence is professional.
  • Sign up with an employment agency that will match you up with employers in the area.
  • Do some voluntary work that is relevant to your career. This will give you experience you can add to your CV, connect you with people in the industry, give you references and possibly help you get your foot in the door.
  • Networking is a very powerful way to find jobs, especially those jobs that are not advertised. Join professional associations, connect with other professionals in your field and go to conferences and networking events.
  • See if you can get referrals from individuals you know, which is a great situation because you already come recommended.
  • Go to a job fair in the city where you would like to work. Bring some copies of your CV and be ready to chat to potential employers and sell yourself.
  • Create a list of the companies that you would like to work for and then check out their websites on a regular basis. This is where they are likely to announce any job openings, so when they do you will spot it so that you can apply.
  • Cold calling or cold emailing can also sometimes work. Find the contact details of the company and send them an email with your CV attached asking if they have any upcoming vacancies.

These are just a few of the ways that you can cast a wide net and find jobs in Australia for UK citizens. The job search can be challenging sometimes, but it’s worth it in the end when you find your dream position.

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