The cath lab course in India offered by the reputed and recognized college ensures that the aspiring candidate is able to achieve success in this field. The lab in the hospital setting is said to implant pacemakers, perform angioplasties and diagnose cardiac conditions using invasive catheterization procedures. The cardiac catheter laboratories are said to employ only registered nurses having acquired advanced clinical experiences and formal education from a well established college. The registered nurse might be required to complete additional cardiac vascular nursing training for qualifying for the certification. The registered nurse as cath lab nurse is expected to assist the physicians to diagnose and treat patients suffering from cardiac conditions.

Patient preparation and assessment

The registered nurses working within the cardiac catheter lab help physicians to evaluate the condition of the patient and to monitor them constantly. The nurses are required to make sure that the records and charts of the patients are updated from time to time. They are to start with an intravenous line when preparing the patients for cardiac or catheterization procedure. They also help the patients to ease their fear by answering questions related to the cardiac procedure. They also obtain the consent of the patient to undergo the cardiac procedures.

The cath lab nurse does have an important role to play in the pre, during and post cardiac procedures. Hence, it will be useful to study properly and in-depth the course curriculum to acquire knowledge.

Assisting physicians

These nurses are also required to prepare the patients to undergo angioplasty, catheterization, cardiac and pacemaker implantation procedures. Patient preparation might include taking the vital signs of the patients, heart rhythm and oxygen levels before the patient get examined by the physician. During the procedure, the patients may be awake, which will require the nurse to ensure that the patient stays calm and reassured. The nurse will also be required to administer medication as per the instruction of the attending physician, during before and after the procedure. Besides the scheduled cardiac cath lab procedures, the nurses are to assist the physicians while performing emergency lifesaving procedures.

It is the detailed course that will help the candidates to know the kind of job and responsibility that they have to undertake.

After-procedure care

It is within the recovery cath lab area setting that patients tend to recover back from the cardiac procedures. The nurses monitor the patients at the time of their recovery period at the cath lab. They monitor the vital signs of the patients, administer medications and update the chart of the patients. The nurse during recovery period watches closely the patient for any kind of side effects or infection signs emerging from the procedure. They also are to be prepared for administering treatment, in case, the patient experience fever, severe bleeding or any type of side effect emerging from the procedure conducted.

As a qualified and certified cath lab nurse, the candidate is expected to provide education and instructions to patients as well as their families prior to conducting the procedure and at the time of discharging from the lab.


The cath lab nurse does play a significant role in the hospital setting. She is expected to undertake various responsible tasks involving the patient and also help the physician during the procedure.