Almost each and every country for ages has been known for developing some kind or the other type of handicrafts that have become a symbol of the country in itself. Rather it can be safely termed that the handicrafts tend to represent the country’s rich cultural heritage. The craftsmen and artisans who are involved in the development process are considered to be bringing forth the tradition, culture and history of the nation through their handcrafted products. When this context is taken into consideration for discussion, then India can be placed at the top slot for being deeply engrossed in the creation of varieties of interesting and unique handicrafts. The rich and beautiful, vibrant colors of such handmade items is said to have helped in establishing a strong global market. The manufacturing of different types of crafts like ceramics, pottery, clay pieces, sculptures, paintings, antique furniture, paper craft, textiles, etc. has been helpful to generate sufficient amount of revenue for this particular industry in the country.

Handicraft Industry the World Over

The handicraft industry in Asia is said to provide additional employment to the region, thus helping to raise the level of income and lifestyle of the people in the urban and rural region. Moreover, the market share coming from the global handicrafts industry is said to count about 100 billion. The handicraft industry does serve a dominant and important role to develop the economy of any country’s rural mass, thus helping to earn a good amount of foreign exchange. These days, there have emerged several places to sell handmade items. One such place that is found to be just fabulous to get connected to the global consumers without any hassle is the web. Creating websites and placing the wares on sale can help the consumers to check out their desired categories of products and make the purchase accordingly.

Similar to the Indian continent, the Oceania based countries like New Zealand and Australia were quite indulged in handicraft items. Their industry actually is known to produce ceramic crafts and arts, decorative hand-blown glass, jade jewelry, paper crafts and jewelry. The Australian government has been spending around A$6.3 million annually on this particular industry to promote it worldwide. Since then the country is said to have grown tremendously in this domain in the last couple of years.

The United States is regarded to be among the most important and the biggest contemporary market of the world when handicraft industry is concerned. This county is known to have employed about 127000 people and accounted for about $13.8 billion approximately in the largest industry of the world. Also, Canada is said to have accounted for exports of more than $100 million, comprising of studios, media guilds and individual crafts person, as well as private and public galleries, enterprises and industrial organizations. This country is said to employ in this particular segment of more than 22597 people.

These days, it has become much easier to sell handmade crafts online and to promote this wonderful trade globally.