Wooden doors are one of the rare features of home improvement and furnishings that have never really gone out of style. Whether you choose them for the exterior or interior door material, you always get a great bang for your buck. A well-chosen front door simply adds so much in the way of kerb appeal and you’ll even get some decent return on your initial investment if you choose wisely.
Although we all have a slightly different take on which type of wood makes the best choice, there are some tips that may help you to narrow down to a better decision at the end of the day.

All woods are not equal

When it comes to picking a wood suitable to withstand the pressures of the outside world, you should pay some heed to the advice that is on offer. A poorly chosen material will not only age rather quickly, but the weather damage will only reduce the security factor as time goes on. This is where oak is a magnificent option for front doors and their popularity pays testament to the performance that they can offer.
White oak is a very hard wood that is both hard wearing and attractive, a winning combination. Your front door needs to be extremely resistant to pressure because it will take some serious punishment all year round. White oak has this down pat and is also very good at dealing with moisture and decay issues.

Not just oak…

Did anyone mention the M word? Because mahogany is right up there with oak when it comes to ticking all the right boxes. Water resistance, pressure resistance, decay issues, all of these and more are well and truly covered when you decide on a handsome mahogany front door. It looks so attractive on its own that millions of homeowners do away with the need for any extra coatings.
Of course, you’ll need the essential varnish but once you fall in love with that very clean surface, you will just know that you made the right choice yet again.

Interior matters

The doors inside your home are almost as important, and when it comes to picking the perfect wood, you can opt for a slightly less hardy family member. Pine makes an excellent choice and this light coloured tone is a winner, especially in the visual stakes. Not too heavy, but strong enough to deal with the occasional slam and knock, pine is an inexpensive and practical choice that always performs where it matters.
Walnut also warrants a mention here because this darker wood is 100% at home in the bedrooms across the UK. Offering a tropical look at a less than exotic price, it is no wonder that walnut is catching up pine as the choice for interior doors nowadays.

Easy choice?

As always, your eyes will tell you whether or not that interior or exterior door is for you, but pay a little notice to the finer details as well and you’ll soon be making an informed choice that you will not regret.
Article writte by Rob Steen who actually knows a lot about doors. He often writes for Emerald Doors.