Perhaps it holds a sentimental value. Or perhaps they just don’t make them like that anymore. Either way, there are several reasons as to why every homeowner should consider repurposing old furniture. Not only will it allow you to save money on home décor, you will also be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind furnishing.

Who would’ve thought that you can create beauty out of something as mundane as a broken ladder? You can attach the wooden ladder to your wall and you have yourself a unique bookshelf.

Even timeworn chairs can be turned into fashionable closet units by repainting them and hanging them in sturdy hooks on your wall. You can place folded clothing on the seats or hang them on the stretchers with a hanger.

If the glass on your photo frame got broken, keep the base and create a chic earring holder that doubles as ornamentation. Simply install wires across the frame and hang a variety of colorful dangling earrings. You can easily turn worn-out wire baskets into tasteful light fixtures for your kitchen. First, paint the baskets to match your kitchen’s theme and then affix to a pendant light.

You’ll never believe what one can do with old tires. You can turn them into anything from plant holders to an ottoman. All you’ll need for this project are medium-density fireboard, cloth, glue, and natural fiber sisal along with some toolbox basics like a screwdriver, screws, and a drill.

You have to screw the MDF on both sides of the tire. Afterwards, starting at the middle, carefully glue the sisal rope around the MDF. Then, do the same thing with the edge of the tire. After the rubber is entirely covered, cut the rope and brush sealer all over the surface. Wait a couple of weeks for the sealer to dry and you have a posh new seat.

If you own a vintage suitcase that you just can’t part with, why not turn it into a chair. You’ll need four chair legs, a piece of plywood, nice fabric, some old pillows, and four screw-on leg attachments.

First, paint the legs to make them look new. Then, tuft the pillows after covering them in fabric. The plywood is to be placed at the bottom of your vintage suitcase. Then, turning the suitcase upside down, fasten the screw-on leg holders onto its corners and attach the chair legs.

Line the inside of the suitcase with high-quality glue and push the tufted pillows into the suitcase so you get a nice fluffy cushion. Apply weight while letting the glue dry for a couple of hours.

There are so many repurposed furniture projects that you can do like turning an old bicycle into an avant-garde sink stand, an ancient boat into a hanging bed, or a broken table into a couple of desks.

You can make a kitchen island out of an old bureau or disassemble old wooden pallets to produce a brand new coffee table. If you can’t wait to get started on these DIY projects, start by investing in building tools and visit sites like Tradefix Direct or drop by your local hardware store. With the right tools and some creativity, the possibilities are practically endless.

By Arthur Wilson, a freelancer blogger and DIY enthusiast. You can follow him on here.