Over time every home ends up being in need of a fresh lick of paint. Whether you are looking to redecorate a room and want to recoat the walls to give it that extra bit of sparkle, or you’re looking to touch up the existing paintwork so that you can put the property up for sale, Moloney Painting is able to offer a professional painting service that ensures the job is done right.

Years of Experience

One of the problems that people face when it comes time to paint is a lack of experience. Many people don’t enjoy DIY and will try to avoid doing the work wherever possible, which can make it even harder to get the job done when it comes time to do it.

With a professional paint service, you no longer need to worry. They bring with them years of experience that can be applied to your property, so they will be able to ensure that colors match and coats are even.

New Ideas  

A professional painter will be full to the brim with brand new ideas that you may have never even thought of when you started your project. Thanks to their years in the industry, they will have seen so many different applications of their service that they can make use of for your project.

As such, hiring a professional painter isn’t simply a case of bringing somebody in to do the job that needs doing. It is also an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and bounce some ideas around. A good painter will be able to tell you what is and isn’t possible while ensuring the end result looks amazing.


Professional painting services also need to be fully licensed and insured, meaning that you are covered should things happen to go wrong.

This is of enormous benefit to people who are worried that their lack of DIY skills could ruin the project, but are also wary of inviting strangers in to do the job for them. Any good professional painting company will be fully insured and willing to show you any paperwork you need to see to set your mind at ease.

Our professional painters in Victoria BC are highly trained and are able to help with practically any painting job that you can think of. Our crew is friendly and full of advice, so we can guide you along the way and ensure that you achieve exactly what you are aiming to achieve.