Owing to evolving technologies, globalization, short product lifecycle, and ever-rising customer demands, the level of competition has risen tremendously in the Indian market landscape over recent years. In such a fierce business climate, building and strengthening positive relations with customers and leads have become an arduous issue for the majority of commercial organizations.

Apparently, the significance of a robust customer relationship management cannot be denied. Smart CRM Software in India can help enterprises collect every detail about consumers, suppliers, and partners leveraging this vital data to benefit in sales, marketing, and customer care, and hence, stay ahead of the competitors. Actually, there are many other reasons why enterprises consider investing in Indian CRM systems.

Why is CRM software so important in India?

Intelligent CRM software like bpm’online (https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products) is a sophisticated tool that aids in attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and keeping an eye on every interaction that takes place between a client and a brand. In other words, CRM software in India helps firms get closer to their customers and deliver more personalized service where expectations and concerns of each customer are heard and respected, enabling for building customer loyalty and increasing a company’s revenue. Other benefits driven by a good CRM solution include:

Centralization of customer information in one place

A good CRM program for the Indian market provides a historical view of both won and to-be-won customers, analyzes every detail of a customer’s profile, buying behavior, and social media activity, keeps a record of closed deals, submitted tickets, sent emails, etc. By storing all customer-related information in one place, the frontline personnel has the ability to immediately access any necessary data and thus, make well-informed decisions much quicker. Also, such data centralization allows for reducing the case resolution time that contributes to boosting customer satisfaction.

Focus on lucrative customers

Thanks to powerful account management capabilities, CRM software in India assists in segmenting customers according to their profitability, level of satisfaction, communication preferences, purchasing habits, and so on. This helps the users prioritize their sales efforts on the most valuable clients to do business with and develop multichannel targeted marketing campaigns aimed specifically at the needs of the most profitable customers with a guaranteed high conversion rate.

Business cost-effectiveness

While a good CRM platform helps enterprises manage their sales, promotional initiatives, and customer service, the best CRM software in India provides for reducing operational costs by making firms digital. A digital enterprise spends less time and money on paperwork, as a cloud CRM solution allows for storing all documents, records, and other content on a vendor’s server. Also, a fine CRM suite can help companies eliminate manual efforts by automating time-consuming activities like emailing, request routing, ordering and invoicing, etc. which enables for better staff productivity and less utilization of corporate resources.

Steady income growth

The CRM software in India is a driver for a top-line revenue growth. By helping organizations keep tabs on leads and opportunities, streamline sales/marketing/support, and establish multichannel brand – client communications, CRM makes customers the center of a business. Such a holistic approach lets salespeople reduce time spent on administrative issues like lead scoring, sales forecasting, and social media researching enhancing a company’s ability to close deals faster and more effectively.

In-depth performance insights

With bpm’online, one of the biggest CRM software companies in India, sales professionals have a wealth of statistics available in a matter of a few mouse clicks. The system can generate custom dashboards and reports on the results of promotional campaigns, website traffic data, deals closed/canceled, customer retention/response rates, sales cycle length, customer touchpoints value – the analytic capabilities of a decent Indian CRM platform are unlimited. Read more about CRM benefits in Wikipedia.

CRM Software In India: The Art Of Running Your Business Smarter

 What business needs can Indian CRM software serve?

CRM software provides an enterprise-wide ecosystem with the help of which businesses can perform any task in sales, marketing, and customer support. For this, an intelligent customer relationship platform like bpm’online supports the next functions:

  • Advanced customer database with powerful segmentation options and a complete history of communications, transactions, website browsing, and more;
  • Lead management that enables for capturing leads from multiple sources and identifies the best performing lead generation channels;
  • Multichannel marketing campaign management facilitates building, sending, and tracking the efficiency of promotion activities;
  • Business process management assists in the orchestration of customer-related processes;
  • Event management helps with planning and organizing any events;
  • Product catalog management allows for controlling the stock movements;
  • Document flow automation enables the employees generate any documents and populate them with data stored in the CRM system;
  • Project management helps plan workload for teams and individuals, monitor and analyze projects KPIs;
  • Order management provides for handling orders, invoices, payments and create contracts directly from an Indian CRM software;
  • Social collaboration enables for seamless multichannel interactions between teams and customers;
  • Case management is aimed at helping companies receive and resolve customer issues without any necessity to exit the Indian CRM software.

CRM Software In India: The Art Of Running Your Business Smarter

Evidently, the right CRM platform provides everything companies need to compete successfully in the Indian market and achieve desired business objectives like sales force automation, operational costs reduction, productivity and profitability increase. Still, one important moment is not highlighted: what is the price of deploying professional CRM software in India? The ultimate price depends on several factors: type of deployment, the total number of users, type of a CRM product, support plan, etc. It is advisable to use a calculator to calculate the final cost of CRM software in India.

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