Could you be suffering from unhealthy pregnancy cravings? It does showcase the fact that you have an inclination towards a particular type of food. In most cases, it could be in the form of foods like chocolates or cakes and there might be an unusual combination of foods. Sometimes you might want to eat a food that you might not have ever tasted in your life as well.

All about cravings?

It is still not certain why unhealthy cravings pregnancy develops in the first place. The chances are that something might be lacking in your diet or there could be an increase in minerals or vitamins in your diet. But till date, no evidence exists between nutrient deficiency and cravings. The chances are that pregnant women may go on to develop a strong aversion towards strong tasting foods. You could say that it could have an impact because of the occurrence of pregnancy hormones. This would be in the manner we smell and taste food.

There is no definite harm in giving way to an occasional bout of craving. At the same time, you should continue with your regular dose of healthy foods. Say if something in the form of chocolate or sweets is going to bother you, it is suggested that you do not overindulge in them. If you gain too much weight it can pose significant problems in your weight and dental issues. It is suggested that you discuss with your doctor the healthy foods that you can crave during the tenure of pregnancy. They can guide you on which are the best healthy foods to have. There are some other tips to keep unhealthy food cravings in check. It would include

  • It is suggested that you eat regular and healthy meals to keep your hunger in check
  • When you are hungry do not commit to any form of grocery shopping.
  • Having a sufficient amount of sleep is important. Research does point to the fact when you sleep less there does excess food cravings when you are deprived of proper sleep.

The moment you do become pregnant there are some foods which are suggested that you keep off. Examples would be raw eggs, meat that is undercooked, sushi or cheese has to be avoided. Most of them could be the breeding ground for various harmful diseases. It is suggested that you do become aware of the various foods that you need to avoid during the course of pregnancy.

At the same time, it is suggested that you stay away from alcohol on all counts. Till date, no safe level of exposure of alcohol has been found in individuals be it in pregnant women. The moment you are pregnant or into breastfeeding it is suggested that you restrict yourself from alcohol for the simple reason that it would go on to harm your baby.

There is some pregnant woman who might develop cravings for non-food items like a chalk or soap. This condition goes by the name of pica.