When you share your video content on Facebook, and you see a boring Facebook link thumbnail on it, doesn’t it irritate you? Weren’t you expecting something bigger and better? Well yeah, we all are annoyed by that.

Like see, you create a new video that made you work hard for days. And at last, you are ready with a catchy idea that you suppose, most of your followers will love and appreciate. That makes you eager to go on Facebook and publish and share the new post. So, you select a nice, attractive photo from the video to give a preview that hints about your new content. Then use it as the highlighted image and publish the post.

And eventually, when the time comes to promote it, you can’t wait to share the story on Facebook.

But the actual problem arises when you share the link to your piece on Facebook and you observe something. The Facebook link thumbnail doesn’t look anything like your expectations. It looks as small as a postage stamp. And, it gives an impression that it’s severely cropped. Such a thumbnail cannot represent your content to your followers.

  1. What’s the purpose of the Facebook link thumbnail and its size? Why should it matter?

This one thumbnail that you share with your video’s link, will say everything about your video to your friends and followers. Pictures rule the virtual world and always get the highest response on social media in the form of likes, comments & shares in comparison to other updates.

The same stays true for Facebook link thumbnails. The intention behind distributing a link on Facebook is to influence people to click on the link and check your YouTube channel and watch what you create. It is one easy way to bring referral traffic to your channel’s records and attract more subscribers.

Talking on those terms, a small and cropped thumbnail will reduce the views on your channel significantly. It simply won’t grab the users’ attention due to its small dimensions. A plenty of users might not find it noteworthy. Rather, they may end up hitting other links with larger and nice-looking thumbnails.

Furthermore, the issue of multiple devices is another thing to worry about as it’s important for every screen to show a thumbnail appearing in full brilliance.

Therefore, having a youtube to facebook video free service that lets you create an accurate sized Facebook link thumbnail in due time would be perfect.

  1. Creating excellent Facebook link thumbnails via FBlinker

FBlinker is a tool that enables converting your youtube videos facebook thumbnail effortlessly, to get the best thumbnail for your post.

Using FBlinker’s amazing settings you can create the most ideally sized Facebook link thumbnail for all your YouTube videos. The preview thumbnails designed using FBlinker will come in full size in all devices without any cropping.

You don’t need to specify the dimensions of your thumbnail nor do you need to use any photo editing software. A browser and an internet connection are all. Log in to FBlinker and build an unusual Facebook link thumbnail for your video so that you can share its links and promote your work.