Leaving exceptions, this definitely is not an era where your employer decides whether or not they like your clothes. But what holds true even today is that your office is not a social outing where you can go wearing wide leg ripped jeans teamed up with chappals and walk in with wet hair. Regardless of the liberties you have been given in your company for your fashion choices, there are some choices which you should never make when it comes to your office. Your appearance choices speak a lot about you and therefore you shouldn’t let them get in the way of representing your company. There are a lot of ways you can adopt (statement necklaces, big earrings, summery sneakers, red lipstick) to stand out unique but never make the below fashion mistakes to your work:

Pay Attention to Hemline

While in fashion industries, tailored shorts also work well; it’s best to avoid them for your office environment. Dresses which just fall at your hemline will work best in your favour. The most you can do is go two inches above your hem if you feel your petite body frame wants that. Be it body con dresses or shorty shorts, skip them and save them for casual parties instead. If you think that winter might be a good idea to wear them to work as you will be wearing tights, it won’t be. Thanks to Limeroad coupons present on CashKaro.com, you can buy a new wardrobe filled with semi-formal dresses at discounted rates and with the bonus of cashback.

Too Revealing Clothes

Plunging necklines or strapless tops, avoid them at any cost! You won’t just end up attracting a lot of looks from your fellow co-workers but that also might get in the way of your good work performance. Do not let such choices over shadow your work. Reserve such clothing items for cocktail parties where you can feel carefree and indulge in things without any distraction.

Walk Inside with Wet Hair

Yes! There are days when it takes you too long to dump your love affair with your bed and get out. Follow it with the rush for getting ready and realizing you hair needs a wash. If they really do, ensure that you also make out time to blow dry them before heading out of your home. Wet hair is considered sloppy and unprofessional since they affect the “put together” look which you should sport at your office. Damp hair is okay but dripping hair is strictly a no. If you must, you can also use dry shampoos which act as a great emergency fix for your volume less and oily hair.

Overly Trendy Shoes

If you are a shoe aficionado, it is good to know what are the latest styles rounding up in shoes and even sporting them if your budget allows to. But if you just bought a pair of sequined hot pink bow shoes and feel you should do their inauguration at your work place, stop! Please don’t. Spare these kinds of shoes for places outside office. There are tons of options like ballerinas, metallic sandals, gladiators and sneakers which you can wear to work comfortably. This holds true for boys too. Ditch those flip flops and instead opt for casual or formal look shoes. Woodland is one brand which has tons of variety. For seeing Woodland shoes price and the variety they offer, just logon to CashKaro.com and find out easily. Some companies even have guidelines issued for this.

Fashion Choices To Avoid At Work
Fashion Choices To Avoid At Work

Beauty Looks that Scream Loudness

Agree or not, red lipstick is considered okay for workplace as long as you don’t let your appearance get too busy. But what’s not okay is donning neon lips. Green smokey eyes may look super sexy on you but they definitely do not fall under business appropriate makeup. Mismatched earrings are the hottest jewellery trend this season but save them for weddings and other events. Some companies even have restrictions on the color of nail polish you wear. Opt for beauty look at workplace which do not look out of place and don’t make you look extra unique.

Fashion Choices To Avoid At Work

There’s definitely a lot of freedom to play with your looks in this day and age. It also depends on what kind of industry you are working in. And judgment can come about from just anything even if you are adhering to all the appearance policies of your company. But these are the golden rules which are adopted by millions of people everywhere to strike a balance.