They say that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and that is certainly true when it comes to the exterior of your home. Whether you’re hoping to put your house on the market, are moving into a new area and would like to take on a project, or simply want to refresh your property for fall or winter, general upkeep and basic home improvements are absolutely essential. After all, many people who walk through your neighborhood are unlikely to ever see the inside of your home, but will gaze upon its façade every day.

Small Steps Towards a Smart Exterior

Updating the exterior of your home need not become a mammoth task, and there are so many ways to complete jobs quickly, easily, and cheaply. Simple maintenance is a must, and can be the difference between your property looking tired and unloved, or very well cared for indeed. Keep gutters clear, touch up faded paintwork, keep your front lawn and garden neat and tidy, regularly sweep for litter, and keep fixtures and fittings in good working order. It can be a good idea to revive your home’s paintwork every year, during the summer months, as this will protect the wood beneath, and give you an excuse to experiment with subtle color changes.

If you’re daunted by the thought of renovating your property’s exterior, remember these simple tips; little and often is a great way to spread the cost and workload, and keep on top of jobs before they become more urgent, and expensive. Be sure to prioritize your budget, ensuring that the important jobs are done first. Ensure your home’s façade is in keeping with your neighborhood as well as being sympathetic to period features, and finally, do the job properly.

Don’t Overlook your Garage

Just as the interior of a garage is often neglected, or used as a dumping ground, it can also be tempting to forget all about its lowly exterior. After all, a garage can often feel like an outbuilding rather than part of your property, so is there really any need to pay it attention?

Maintaining a garage’s appearance and structural soundness isn’t just about first impressions. Garages are often used to house some of our most expensive and necessary possessions, such as cars, lawnmowers, bicycles, tools, and additional furnishings, so it is absolutely essential that the space is secure and not likely to relent at the first attempted break in. Professional garage repair, while perhaps more costly than doing it yourself, is the only way to ensure that your garage is protected, as well as giving a fantastic finish to the project.

Updating your property’s exterior can feel like an endless, expensive job, but it really needn’t be either of these things. By conducting small, subtle repairs and renovations whenever you have time, you’ll keep on top of the job at hand, increase your home’s value, and come home every day to a house of which you’re proud.