Shopping…Everyone likes shopping. If you like process, but not result, you should enjoy shopping in Barcelona. It makes your shopping day full of fresh impressions and interesting surprises. The city is full of small shops and boutiques: you meet lots of popular brands and no-name young designers. The old city welcomes you with avant-garde boutiques and пvintage shops. The city is divided into shopping regions. The oldest of them boasts with popular boutiques of international fame.

Tiffany & Co

You can buy jewelry, accessories, watch. This popular brand came from America. This is one of the world-popular jewelry producers in the world. The brand distinctive sign is turquoise blue package. So many girls in the world dream about such a present. The brand Tiffany is more than legendary name now. The popularity is easy to explain: accurate and stylish jewelry cannot stop you from buying. So, you have to pay big money not only for jewel stones but for ordinary silver accessories. It looks great!

What is more, the rings, necklets and bracelets are decorated with the corporate logo Tiffany. The boutique was opened in Barcelona in 2010. It is situated in the popular trade street Pg. De Gracia in the lux hotel Mandarin.

Tiffany Blue

Armand Bassi

The world-popular brand Armand Basi was created as the symbol of new Barcelona, having new international goals and faultless design. The clothes and accessories of this brand are sold in 11 countries of the world. The brand is popular of its high-quality textile and decorations. You may buy something casual: men or women clothes and accessories.

Carolina Herrera

You can buy women clothes and original accessories. Actually, the popular designer Carolina Herrera appeared in 1981. The brand is popular with its elegance and simplicity. The popular actors and actresses wear clothes from Carolina Herrera for special occasions. This is one of the most popular fashion brands. The women clothes from Herrera are elegant. The classic clothes are made of elegant textile such as silk, jacquard, and taffeta. This make models elegant and stylish. The boutique of this brand is situated in the trade street Passeig de Gracia. Come and see!


You should go to Burberry boutique men and women clothes, accessories, foot wear. There are many brand boutiques all over the city in the trade centers of El Corte Ingles:

Av. Diagonal 617-619

Placa Catalunya 14

Burberry is a British fashion house of lux class, offering clothes, perfumes and accessories. Everyone knows this famous name. The typical check is used with white, yellow and red and brown colors. Many celebrities like Burberry checked clothes. Looking for this brand in Barcelona, you should visit Passeig de Gracia or go to the biggest city shops El Corte Ingles.



You should buy hand bags, silk scarfs, and perfumery, men and women clothes. It is very prestigious to have Hermes bag in collection. It is very easy to find it. The bags, big collection of silk scarfs and ties are able to reanimate your clothes. Besides, Hermes offers the big collection of perfumery, foot wear, watches, gloves, dishes and pert-a-porter clothes collection for men and women. Using high-quality materials, creative designers and competent tailors make Hermes the world popular brand.

Of course, it is not cheap to buy something of Hermes collection. For example, the most prestigious accessory – Kelly bag, is a favorite bag for many celebrities. It costs about 6000 EUR. The silk scarf costs about 350 EUR. You can find Hermes boutique in Barcelona at the address of Avda. Pau Casals 13.


Have you ever been to Loewe boutique? You can buy ties, suit cases, travel bags, clothes here. There is also a VIP zone for exclusive services. What a nice pleasure to be VIP client. Loewe is one of the most popular leather goods producers of the world. The brand boasts with exclusive accessories and leather clothes. The quality of works is high. The Loewe boutique in Barcelona is placed in the modern building, which is called Casa Lleo Morera. This is the place, where you can get additional VIP services.

According to your request, two experienced shop-assistants can give you a competent advice and recommendations about your clothes and modern trends.

Loewe Faziolo

La Perla

La Perla is a leading Italian brand that is specialized in swimming suits and underclothing. These are elegant, delicate and very expensive collections that are worth of the global growth and development. Many celebrities go to La Perla.

The brand underclothing is famous of its superfine embroidering, ribbons and macrame. The colors are different, modern. This brand is represented in the most of big shops and malls in the Europe and in the world. What is more, the company has a chain of boutiques in the biggest world cities. Looking for La Perla in Barcelona, go to the big city malls or specialized shop in La Rambla Catalunya.

Cortana Boutique

This is a new boutique of the popular Italian designer Cortana. Cortana makes nice clothes for women, costumes, dresses, cocktail dresses and ceremonial clothes. The style of this brand is out of fashion and out of time. Every next dress is special. The Cortana workshop is situated in Barcelona. This is the place, where popular Spanish designers gather together to create new collections. Pay attention to the small details, like joints, textile structure, colors, stuffing.

Welcome to the new Cortana boutique in Provenza Street in Barcelona. The brand concept is 100% full here. This is the winning collection of winning designers. The shop windows are interesting. The shop interior is Cortana’s face. The changing room is about 40 square meters by area. This is a huge territory to make fitting interesting, but not boring.

paper dress boutique sept meeting 2010 023

The shopping way in Spain is long and thorny. You can hire a car in Barcelona to run the way from one side to another with comfort. If you have ho enough time, money to go this shopping tour to the full, it is recommended to make stop in Passeig de Gracia. This is a famous boulevard, where you can visit boutiques of the most of world popular brands. You are offered to relax in the nearest cafe or restaurant to see what is left.

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