Winter is fast approaching, and it’s only going to get colder; well that’s what the weatherman seems to say every single year. However, it’s still important you get yourself and your house ready for winter to not only save some money on your heating bills, but also so you’re prepared for the snow, rain and whatever else the weather decides to throw at us.

Below are four quick tips on keeping your rooms warm for as long as possible without spending too much money.

Close the Curtains and Fit Some More

As silly as it may sound just making sure you keep your curtains closed for as long as possible really does help to keep the heat in and the cold out. This is even truer when you have a radiator directly under a window.  If this is the case, you want to make sure that the curtain is preferably tucked away behind the radiator so the heat remains in the room, instead of going straight back outside.

A lot of homes also put up curtain rails and big thick thermal curtains across their front and back doors too. If you do this, it will greatly reduce the draughts coming in underneath the doors and will mean your home stays toasty for longer.

Set Your Thermostats & Timers

You probably haven’t used your heating since last winter, so it’s important to make sure each individual radiator as well as the main thermostat and timer is all set correctly. The last thing you want is to be heating up a room you barely use or to have the timing all wrong (especially with the clocks changing recently).  You may also want to consider investing in an upgraded heating system.  Consider upgrading your boiler if it is an old model, and your radiators.  You can find a good choice at Warm Rooms.

Blanket Up

This is probably the best part of the winter: snuggling up on the sofa and watching movies. Everyone knows it gets darker a lot sooner during the winter months, soreally, what else is there to do other than keep warm under a blanket or duvet?  This goes for the bedroom too.  Add another blanket on top of your duvet or get yourself a winter higher tog duvet. You will stay nice and warm without having to use the heating.

Expect Snow/Ice

Make sure you have a shovel, winter boots with grips and have well stocked up cupboards if you’re expecting snow this winter. It seems like every winter the shops are flooded with people madly rushing around and panicking to get as much food in as possible when snow is forecast, so be prepared and pick up a few extra tins and a loaf of bread for the freezer so that you’re prepared.

Check Those Gutters

Bit of a strange one, but if your gutters are overflowing, blocked or damaged and they freeze over the winter with stagnant water in them or likewise aren’t repaired, they can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage as a result. This is one job that is overlooked a lot but it can cause devastating damp problems if not resolved and checked properly.

If you start now, you should be well prepared for when the winter firmly sets in.

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