Asbestos was banned after it emerged that it did more harm than good. Banning it was obviously a smart move. Unfortunately, banning asbestos did not solve asbestos related problems completely. There are still homes and other structures in use today that was built in the 1970’s, when most building materials and products had asbestos. There is a solution this problem – asbestos removal.  So be sure to consider hiring a good or rather reputable asbestos removal service provider from your area or beyond if you suspect your home has traces of asbestos. This is how to go about it.

Compare Services

No two asbestos removal service providers are alike. They may offer the same services, but there will certainly significant discrepancies with pricing, customer service, professionalism and expertise. With that in mind, focus on hiring a service provider with good experience. This will save you time given that most experienced asbestos removal companies often boast of above average customer service. Most of them also have skilled and experienced experts in their staff.


Like already hinted, expect price discrepancies when it comes to hiring asbestos removal companies. This should not discourage you. The differences in price are more often than not, a result of different packages for different clients.  A commercial property owner will certainly be charged differently from a residential property owner. Either way, be sure to request free quotes. You can then have an easy time comparing prices and settling on a company that can offer you affordable services.


Take your time online. Visit home improvement forums as well as review websites and forums. Then find out what people have to say about asbestos removal companies from your area. Note down companies with the best reviews and consider hiring one from your list. Keep off any service provider that has had lots of complaints directed towards their services.

How The Removal Process Looks Like

There is one more thing you need to keep in mind before hiring the best abatement service. You need to know how the entire process looks like.

Asbestos Inspection

All asbestos removal projects usually begin with asbestos inspection. Inspection does not take time at all. It mostly depends with the size of the premise in question. Note though that you may have to vacate the premise as inspection and removal processes are underway. Asbestos as you will find out, is usually harmless once in a product. It becomes harmful once one disturbs it. Inspection is not possible without disturbing it. That explains why one must vacate the premise during inspection.


It is a short process. But again, it depends on the size of the premise in question. There are several methods that can be used at this stage. An asbestos removal expert will simply examine the premise and decide which method will suit your situation. HEPA vacuuming, encapsulation and stripping are just but some of the methods commonly used during asbestos removal. Again, you will have to vacate the premise as asbestos removal is underway. This could be for as much as 3 days or 1 week.  Children and anyone with a respiratory condition should not at any point go near the affected premise until removal or rather abatement is complete.

Extra Tip

Hire the most competent asbestos removal service provider in your area for the best results. Consider the experience before hiring any expert. Consider to reputation and personnel expertise.