The sewer line is part of our household plumbing we take for granted and don’t give it much thought until we experience a problem. Damage to your sewer line, which is the most vital component of the whole system, can cost a lot of money to repair or replace so it pays to spot any problems as they arise. The problem will only worsen over time, below are some signs you sewer line is developing a blockage.
Slow running sinks, bathtubs and toilets
If you experience slow draining sinks, bathtubs or toilets or they’re not draining at all it’s a sure sign you have a problem. Especially when this is happening on more that one fixture in the home. You might be using the washing machine one afternoon and as the washer hits the spin cycle you have an overflowing toilet or the laundry room sink backups. Multiple fixtures with any overflowing are a real signal it’s a bigger issue not limited to one location. When water has nowhere to go it will back up inside the plumbing of your home.
Another thing you may notice is a gurgling sound when you flush a toilet, a sure tip off that there’s a blockage in the drain system. Plumbers will tell you that a gurgling toilet is a good indication that roots have invaded your sewer line and are the most common way sewer lines to the street are damaged. Root systems are the biggest culprit so be grateful if you have no large trees that have a root system close to your home’s sewer line. The older sewer pipes were made of clay or concrete and were more problematic in this way unlike the materials used these days.
Constant need to plunge
Anytime you’re pulling out the plunger or worse still using over the counter chemicals in an attempt to fix the problem it’s a sign you have a bigger issue.  It’s definitely time to call in a professional. This is not a DYI project so contacting a certified, experienced drain specialist like Wet Coast with the expertise to locate and quickly get things flowing smoothly is a good choice. Often homeowners will have regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid problems down the road.
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