One of the questions that pops up when deciding to build a custom home is whether to buy the land first or hire a builder from the start and look for a piece of raw land together.
Many custom home prospects eye a piece of land first and then decide on which custom home builder to get. This is normal, specially when your home building budget doesn’t yet include the funds for a house but is enough to buy a piece of land at your dream location. However, if you intend to take out a loan to partially pay for the land (a land loan), be aware that not all banks are keen to lend on parcels of land alone.
If you’re set on getting a custom home but have yet to identify the location you want, it makes a lot of sense to involve a custom home builder from the start. For one, the builder will already have an idea of what you want in your custom configuration. He will then be able to tell you if the parcel of land you are eyeing will work for your needs, or if adjustments to your requirements will have to be made. Is there proper road access? Are the sewer and utility lines in order? Does the geography of the land allow for good water runoff, or will pools of stagnant water stand in your lawn after your house has been built?
Your custom requirements may be in conflict with the locale’s building codes or zoning requirements. Imagine having a particularly juicy design detail you want to incorporate into your custom home and having it shot down by the builder because local laws or regulations prohibit it. A dream lot but a compromised design. That would be a real bummer.
Knowledge of codes and regulations given by the builder will help you decide if you’d like to shop for other available pieces of land elsewhere. Also, having your builder on board from start (who is armed with the knowledge of what you want in your house) will allow both of you to be aware of the budgetary requirements of the project. Having this knowledge will allow you, the owner, better control of where the funds will go – what to prioritize, what can be adjusted, and what work can be deferred. The work you defer can even be a cool DIY project that you can slowly work on in your spare time.
There are pros and cons to hiring a Victoria BC custom home builder from the start. But having an experienced professional guide you through the potential pitfalls of a custom home build will be money saved in the long run.
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