A sewer line doesn’t just suddenly become blocked. There are several indicators that tell you that a sewer blockage is impending, and knowing what these signs are can help you avert a disaster and having to call a Victoria BC plumber. Common signs that your sewer is becoming blocked include:

  1. Slow drainage – water that drains slowly is a sign that a pipe is accumulating debris that will lead to blockage. If the slow drainage problem only manifests itself in, say, a floor drain or the kitchen sink, then chances are it is only for that particular line. However, if you notice that all your drains (including the bathtub or shower) are not emptying as fast as before, then you need to worry about a blockage in your main sewer line.
  2. Smelly drains – odor coming from your drains are a sign that a blockage has begun to form in your sewer line. While bathroom odors are not uncommon (specially if one is constantly in use), a sewer-like odor is not a good sign. Don’t ignore this smell. Instead, prepare yourself for a potential call to a plumber to free up a sewer line blockage.
  3. Having to use the plunger constantly – a sure sign that a blockage is forming, or has formed. While you may be using the plunger on a particular bowl, it’s not a given that only that line is blocked. The blockage may be further down the system but is only manifesting itself at a certain fixture.
  4. Gurgling sounds are also a sign that a blockage is forming in the sewer line. A sewer line that is free of blockage drains water quickly and quietly. A partially blocked sewer traps air which causes the gurgling noises. These trapped air pockets are also the reason why you sometimes see air bubbles when water is slowly draining.
  5. Unexplained pools of water in your yard – some plumbing system are built with vents to allow gases to escape. This prevents pressure buildup in the drainage system. When a sewer is blocked, the drain water escapes through these vents.

The plumbing system in a house is a connected system. When a blockage manifests itself at a certain place, one cannot assume that the offending block is in that area. It may be, and often is, in a different section of the system. Only an experienced plumber can easily trace where the blockage is. Aside from having the specialized tools, a professional plumber will resolve the problem of a blocked sewer quickly and efficiently. Blocked sewer lines are not a job for the average DIYer and a job of a plumbing company in Victoria BC.

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