Solar panel manufacturers strive hard to ensure that their solar panels are of high quality and can withstand various environmental factors. They must be able to endure heat, cold and extreme weather. But, with time, solar panels would age eventually. Various factors affect the solar panels durability. Solar panel normally conveys 25-year warranty but under good conditions and ideal climates, these panels will double its lifespan.

Lifespan of a Solar Panel

Edmonton solar panels normally last for roughly 30 years. And in that duration, most panels need little to no maintenance aside from taking away debris, leaves, or snow. Generally, the lifespan of solar panels greatly depends on the type of solar panel technology being used, quality of the overall installation, and the quality of PV or photovoltaics.

Every year, a solar panel’s overall performance declines. After operating for 25 years, good quality solar panels will continue to operate at over 90% proficiency. There are companies that install appealing, efficient, and lightweight modules on homes and offices, with its wirings and mounted panels flashed on the roof.

A study conducted a few years ago by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or NREL focused at the rate of ‘photovoltaic degradation’ of over 2000 installed solar panels. The average panel loses around half of percentage point (0.5%) efficiency annually, which shows that after reaching the end of the panels’ 25-year warranty; it would still operate at around 88 percent of its capacity. But, not every solar panel will experience degradation rates as high as 0.5% as displayed by a 30-year old solar panel that performed much better from its original specifications even after years of exposure to the sun.

How to Maintain Solar Panel?

Normally, solar panels don’t require rigid maintenance; however, this will depend on where you live and how the solar panels are installed. Employing good maintenance can affect the panel’s effectiveness and how long it will endure. For instance, regular upkeep is important to make sure that the solar panels are not shaded by trees, dirt, debris, or leaves. Even a minute amount of shade from the trees can affect the solar panel’s efficiency. Solar panels are more efficient if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Indeed, proper maintenance can aid in extending the life of solar panels.

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