Anyone going through a matrimonial issue may be drained both financially and emotionally. The process of getting a divorce and dealing with the aftermath may be stressful too. Some people decide to go through their divorces through the court system or through an out-of-court settlement. Whichever method you choose, you may need the professional help of a divorce attorney Florida.

Who is a Divorce Attorney?

In the United States, a divorce attorney is also known as family lawyer. He or she has studied law and has qualified to practice it by being member of the state bar association. A divorce attorney deals with matters related to divorce, sharing of matrimonial property, child custody and even maintenance. They also help couples reach an understanding in relation to their responsibilities and liabilities where children and assets are involved.

How Does a Divorce Attorney Benefit Clients?

One of the advantages of working with a divorce attorney is that they will explain to you which grounds of divorce you can rely on if you are thinking of beginning the process. Every state has established a specific set of grounds that would warrant divorce. If you are looking for a divorce attorney Florida, you may have to choose one who is knowledgeable in Florida family law. This is a guarantee that the attorney is well-versed with both substantive and procedural law in the state.

Property division

A divorce attorney will also be helpful when you discuss property distribution or division between you and your spouse. In Florida, there are spouses who have acquired their own property before they come into a marriage arrangement. There are also those who have acquired property jointly while still married. Some have acquired their own while married, though they have signed prenups to protect their interests. Such information may help the divorce attorney advice you better on how your property will be divided.

Custody plans

A divorce attorney is also the best person to advice on custody matters. Where spouses amicably agree to a divorce, there may be mutual agreements on how to cater to the needs of their kids after they divorce. Where there are no children in the marriage, there are no custody plans made unless the couple is expecting a child.


As all lawyers do, a divorce attorney will save you much time spent on paperwork. They understand the legalese that comes with legal matters and they will handle it for you. They will represent you both in court and out-of-court where negotiations are involved. The attorney will also file the documents in court and help you finalize the divorce process in an expeditious manner.

Hiring the services of an attorney who is experienced in Florida family law is very crucial if you want to save both time and money.

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