Problems with your home’s central heating, such as cold spots on radiators or unusual noises coming from the system, can be worrying. Calling in a professional to undertake a power flush through your radiators can alleviate these issues, so you are able to relax in your home, knowing that your central heating is working at full capacity.
There can be several indicators that will act as a sign that there is something wrong with your radiators and boiler. Much of the time, the issues are down to a build-up of iron oxide sludge and debris, which settles at the bottom of your heating system. This build up can sometimes be the cause of more serious problems within your home central heating system, such as an overflowing attic header tank.
The debris and sediment sits at the bottom of the radiator and builds up over time. This prevents water from flowing around the system properly.
Power flushing fixes this problem and can help prevent it from happening again in the near future.
An engineer will fit a low pressure and high flow unit to your radiator ends, the boiler itself, or a standard circulatory pump coupling. Each home is different, and the engineer will make a decision based on the type of boiler you have installed.
The unit pumps fortified water, with added chemicals, around your heating system. This is completed at a higher velocity than your normal system rate, so any debris is pushed out of the system. The procedure is performed under low pressure, so that your system is not damaged. A successful power flush will eradicate any by-products in your radiators, so that water can flow freely around.
To ensure the long life of your boiler and radiators, power flushing is an essential maintenance activity every home owner should undertake. Read on to find out reasons why you should consider a power flush for your home.

Increases life of radiators

When your system is power flushed, special chemicals called ‘inhibitors’ are added to the water to help prevent internal rusting and corrosion. This will help increase the life of your heating system and give you peace of mind that the inside of your radiators are being cared for.

Can cure boiler noise

Sometimes, the first signs of a problem in your heating system are unusual noises coming from your radiators. These sounds are caused by trapped air being pushed around the system by the flow of the water. The irregular layer of debris at the bottom of your radiator contributes to uneven water flow.
Power flushing pushes clean water around the radiators and ensures that there is no residue. Unusual noises from your system will be a thing of the past!

Reduces fuel bills

Another tell-tale sign of build-up in radiators, is when only the top strip of the radiator heats up. Sediment in your system will reduce the overall heat output. Because of this, many people will either turn the radiator temperature up, or turn on additional heating sources in the house. This will increase your heating bills significantly.
A power flush will clear your radiators, allowing the whole system to heat up. You won’t need to turn on additional heating sources, as the ones you do have, will be working effectively.

Creates a warmer home

A successful power flush will result in a much warmer home. All radiators will be able to function at full capacity. This allows you to relax in your home, knowing it is the warmest and cosiest it can be.
Power flushing should be carried out by experts. It is a technical and complicated process and should not be attempted as a ‘do it yourself’ job.
As with any work that is carried out at your premises, it is crucial that you hire a professional. Seek out a central heating engineer who is registered as ‘gas safe’. If in doubt, always ask to see certificates and documentation to confirm registration.
Stephen Turner is the Director at Aquatek Domestic & Commercial Plumbing & Heating Ltd which have a team of fully qualified and gas registered plumbers, serving Essex and London