Most people find it hard to refinish their decks for spring. This is either because they do not know how to carry out the whole process or they view the process in a certain way and manner. I would like to tell everyone that this process is easy and can be done by anyone regardless of one’s skills and or experience. Therefore people should change their views towards this process and start viewing in a different manner or way.
The following are some of the steps to guide you through the whole process if you have trouble carrying it out.

First stage: Preparation stage

This stage is very important and people need to be careful while carrying it out. This is because the final results are dependent on this stage. That is, if you prepare well for the whole process then the refinishing process will be a success to you. On the contrary, if you do not prepare well for the whole process then the whole process will fail and you will not get desired results.
What does this process entail? This process entails everything that will be done or used during the whole process. That is, you need to prepare appropriately for each and every action that will be taken during the whole process and the materials that will be used. This involves choosing the right materials and products for better results. The materials or products used during this process matter as different materials give different results when used.
Ensure that you choose the right materials depending on the material type of your deck. Seek advice from knowledgeable people in this field to know exactly the type of stain to use and why you should use it.
Also, research and lots of reading will help you gather the right materials and products for the whole process. Another thing that you will have to do during this process is to clean your deck appropriately. Use a scrubbing brush and detergent to clean your deck. Be careful with the type of brush you use as some brushes may have an effect on your deck.

Second stage: Staining stage

If you go through the preparation stage properly, this stage will be easy for you as you will have everything that you need to carry it out at your side. The only thing that you need to be careful with while staining your deck is the weather and a little staining expertise. The weather affects the end results. Hot conditions dry up the stain rapidly leaving some bumps on your deck while cold or humid weather prolong the drying process.
Mild weather has been found to be the best weather condition to stain your deck. Therefore, always ensure that the weather is appropriate before staining your deck. Staining expertise is also important for better results to be realized in carrying out this process.
The above named stages are important and need to be taken seriously. There are several books that discuss these stages into detail that you can use to learn more things that you require to know in carrying out this process. Also, you can use specialist or professionals in this field to have your deck refinished. Whichever options you choose ensure that they are the best and most appropriate.
George works with Coast Spray Foam Insulation in Vancouver, BC. When he’s not working, he loves carpentry, gardening and fixing up old furniture.