Hybrid fencing may not be a term that you are familiar with. For lots of home owners though, it’s something that is nothing short of revolutionary. Why? Well, gone are the days of treating wooden fences only to have them rot or split. The UPVC material used in hybrid fencing means that you get a high quality, good looking fence that just takes care of itself. Sounds good, right?

Its low maintenance

We all know the story. Once a year, when the weather begins to get that little bit brighter, we turn our gazes towards our gardens. Winter isn’t kind to wooden fences. The wood can rot, warp and crack, and often takes on an unattractive discoloured appearance too. So a weekend (or perhaps even longer!) is required to clean and treat it, meaning you miss out on time you could have spent enjoying your garden.
With a plastic fence, all of those worries can become distant memories. The durable material stands up for itself during all weathers, and all that it is needed to bring it back to looking as good as new is a cloth and some soapy water.

Cost effective

As just previously mentioned, a wooden fence requires a lot of attention and upkeep, both of which are not exactly easy on your wallet. Pressure washers, glue, nails, new panels, paints and wood stains are often required to get an ailing fence back into good condition, and that’s a pretty conservative list right there! It’s exhausting just thinking about it. You might have paid a good price for your fence when you first purchased it, but how much have you spent on it since?
With a hybrid fence, you pay roughly around the same sort of price as you would for a wooden fence. I thought it was meant to be cheap, I can hear you say! Yes, it is! You will pay out far less in the long run, as the materials you would have needed for the upkeep of your old fence no longer need to be worried about! Additionally, a hybrid fence is around five times as strong as a wooden one, so will last for a far greater length of time.


Hybrid fences come in a wide choice of colours and heights, so there will be one to suit every garden. Additional details such as a trellis design are also an option, taking your new fence into seriously stylish territory. Your neighbours will be so impressed (or jealous!) that they will be begging you for the number of the company that you purchased it from. You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood, for all the good reasons!

The future is hybrid:

When you consider all of the above, it’s a mystery why the whole nation isn’t replacing their tired old wooden fences with hybrid ones that are far superior and easier to care for. If you’re thinking of getting a new fence because yours is past its best, or if you simply can’t face repairing and treating your fence for yet another year, then look no further. You’ll be glad that you did!
Tim White is the Director of Hybrid Fencing based in Billericay, Essex and specialises in supplying and installing Hybrid fencing