If you are on the track of getting a cat or you already have one, there are a few things you should look out for regarding their safety. Being extremely curious they will investigate every corner of your home and might stumble upon a few dangers.

There are several things you can do to prevent your favorite little friend from coming to harm and secure a safe and comfortable life for him. Moreover, you will protect your things from their ever curious paws.

Blinds, Drapery and Window Decoration

Although your cat will think these are perfect toys, they can be very dangerous. Cats can get tangled up in blind cords and cause irreparable damage to themselves. Tie those out of their reach. What’s more, be careful how you decorate your windows avoiding anything hanging from cords or threads that may look like an invitation to play.

Poisonous Plants

How To Cat-Proof Your Home and Still Enjoy The View

Household plants can be very attractive to cats but, unfortunately, they are not able to differentiate between toxic and non-toxic plants and will chew on anything available. What you can do is try to keep them away from any plants that would make them sick by either putting those plants in a room that is off-limits or by only keeping plants which are poison-free.

Household Cleaners and Chemicals

It goes without saying that detergents, bleachers and cleaners should be kept away from children and the same rule should be applied for your furry friends. Be careful what you wash their food bowls with and always rinse them off well. In addition, be sure to keep your kitty’s food away from any harmful substances. Get them food that will be best for them. For example, Eukanuba cat food has a great indoor cats offer that your kitty will not be able to resist.

Small Potentially Dangerous Items

As you have learned so far, cats like to think the world is their playground. Paper clips, rubber bands or thread seem like a perfect toy to get their paws on. However cute they may look playing with them, these are not proper toys since cats can swallow them and suffer intestinal damage. Store plastic bags out of their reach too, to avoid suffocation.

Human and Animal Medications

Any kinds of medications should be kept in closed cabinets and out of reach. If swallowed by a cat, human medications can cause serious damage to kidneys or liver. As for animal medications, even if they are good for animals in prescribed doses they can cause overdose if taken in large amounts.

How To Cat-Proof Your Home and Still Enjoy The View

As safe as your home may seem to you, there are always potential hazards waiting around the corner. Apart from following previous suggestions you should always monitor your pet’s behavior. It may lead you to some dangers you would never think of yourself. Just like people, each pet is unique and each will find a different way of getting into trouble. Follow the suggestions listed and your pet-friend will be grateful. And remember: better safe than sorry!