Believe it or not, garages aren’t just a place to store your vehicle or unwanted clutter.

When it comes to preparing to sell or purchase a house, a garage can actually be a major selling point of the property. This is for several reasons – namely as they’re easily convertible, great for storage and offer brilliant security:

Easily Convertible

The multi-functional garage has become a popular trend over the past decade. As most modern-day garages are adjoined to the property, they are often insulated and heated. This means they’re easily converted into pretty much anything – home gyms, ‘lad pads’, games rooms – you name it.

Although this is a routine transformation for homeowners to make, it really can positively impact on the value of their property. In some cases, a garage conversion can practically convert the space into a brand new room – and in an age where space is at a premium, this can only be good news for potential sellers.

Great for Storage

Why Are Garages Still A Valuable Selling Point?

As mentioned above, space is such a valued resource. Using your garage to store clutter doesn’t have to mean piling one thing on top of another – you can do it stylishly. A wall of coloured cabinets can ensure that your garage has a touch of style whilst still maintaining its practicality. By safely storing things up the walls you’re also fully optimising the designated space, which is crucial if you have a smaller garage. Bulky and seasonal items can be hung from the ceiling – just make sure you do it safely or else you could be in a spot of trouble!

Storing your unnecessary clutter in the garage can also help to improve the look of your home. The additional space gained after getting rid of certain items allows you to splurge out on something that you previously didn’t have the space for.

Brilliant Security

There’s nothing wrong with using your garage for its traditional method – to store a vehicle. Whether it is of high value or not, cars are a common target for thieves. Often people think they’re safe because of the nice area that they live in, when in reality, criminals are much more likely to operate in lavish surroundings. When you bear this in mind, it certainly makes sense to have your car locked away, especially overnight.

Leading industry experts such as Dencroft design and build a range of garages with security in mind throughout the whole process. Concrete garages are a popular choice for homeowners wanting a strong build. The natural strength of the material ensures that great strength is needed to break through and gain access to the contents inside, which is an extremely unlikely event. Dencroft’s concrete garages all come with a 10-year guarantee and feature interlocking panels for extra rigidity and weatherproofing.

With the above benefits in mind, it really is quite easy to see why garages are still such a valuable selling point for any property. Not only do they enhance the overall value of your home, but they also provide an ideally versatile space that can often be transformed into anything – all whilst offering storage space and security benefits.