When choosing which type of gutters is best for your house, there’s a lot of options to consider. There are many materials to choose and aluminum is a common choice.  However, you may want to pull your head out of the gutter and select a more reliable metal for such an important job. Often homeowners choose aluminum gutters instead copper and other metals, mainly due to inexpensive installations. Despite this attractive quality, overall they just suck and its better to choose something like copper gutters. Here are 4 reasons why you should say no to installing aluminum gutters.

How To Choose Copper Gutters For Your House

1) Leaks Galore!

Gutters were invented to direct the rainwater drainage off and away from the roof of your fascia boards and home. They were devised to protect the home from damage; however, aluminum gutters can damage your house due to their tendency to leak. They burst particularly around joints, but aluminum gutters are known for widespread leaking especially when caulking was applied.

2) High Maintenance

Aluminum gutters are not easy to maintain.  Often k-style, this trap leaves in the corners of the gutter where a half-round gutter tends to refrain from blocking.  It’s also difficult to clean them because they cannot sustain much weight and many homeowners make the mistake of leaning ladders against an aluminum system.

3) Easily Expands

Large temperature fluctuations can really warp the shape of aluminum gutters. The change causes the aluminum metal to contract and expand, which then can cause the material to pop, crack and possibly even pull out of place.  These problems can often cause leaks or improper water flow that can cause molding on the house’s fascia boards and siding.

4) Poor Durability

Preferably, one would hope that your roof is a one time install so it should be obvious that a gutter system should last just as long.  Usually, aluminum gutters are made of thin sheets rolled through a machine and many contractors have been caught later reducing costs via installing shoddy gutter systems. They’re easily dented during storms when hit with debris or even forceful wind and downfall. Sports balls, ladders, and even woodland creatures like birds and raccoons pose a threat.

So why install copper gutters instead?

Gutters play an important role in the function of a house. They protect your home from rain water damage and also serve as an aesthetic addition. Here’s 4 reasons to choose copper gutters instead of aluminum.

1) Easy Maintenance

Many copper gutter systems are European style, which means they are a half round gutter.  This curved form promotes a healthy water stream and requires less cleaning. Since the material lasts longer than most other gutter system types, they also average less repairs.

2) Customizable

Copper gutters will never be found on a trailer.  While they are a higher end option, they are not for the rich only.  Not only that, but copper is very ornamental and we have several ways to make your system stand out.

3) Environmentally Friendly

The material has several functions besides gutters and can be recycled for other uses, though it will more than likely outlive you rather than outlive its function. Copper is a natural metal which requires less production energy and it is a natural disinfectant, 99% of single cell killing germs.

4) Return on Investment

Homes with copper gutters installed can sell higher than similar competing homes with aluminum gutters.  They are a well known addition and highly coveted in the real estate market.  Adding copper gutters to a home is a great way to increase the lasting value of a home.