The following steps are most of what one needs to know to mount copper gutters to a house.

Step 1: Select Gutter Hanger Type

Depending on the mounting, you must choose the correct type of hanger: Fascia Mount or Roof Mount.  Fascia Mount is implemented when there is a sizeable fascia board available.  Roof Mount is used when the fascia does not exist, is too small, angles steep or has damage.

Step 2: Install Gutter Hanger

To mark the mount spots, use a chalk line.  It must slope about 0.25 inches per 20 feet towards the nearest downspout.  Install a hanger every two feet for the gutter.

Step 3: Install the Gutter

Install  end-cap, clench the end, snap it in place and secure with a hammer.  Seam it with wire or solder them together.   With zinc, only soldering is needed.

Step 4: Installing Corner Miters

Complete straight sections before going to corner miters.  Place them down in the 5 inch spaced hangers and connect as normal.

Step 5: Installing a Star Outlet

Mark its needed position by placing the star outlet on the gutter and tracing an opening inside the marked position, keeping gutter size in mind.  Cut the trace out.  It is better to use a cutting template.  Bend down the edges of the hole, leaving an overhang of approximately 1/2 inch.  Hang the front of the outlet first and bend the back clips over the back flange of the copper or zinc gutter.

Step 6: Place Gutters

Place copper or zinc gutters into the hangers.  Secure to the hangers by pushing the front clamps first and then the back clamps. Pull downward on the gutters to apply simulated water pressure to ensure they are snug in their position.

Installing copper gutters (or zinc) is an involved and complicated process.   To get professional help or consultation, just call us at 256-255-0190

Ornametals has a rainwater gutter system called EuroGutterUSA, please let us know if you have any questions.

Copper gutters are an investment on the value of your house. Copper is a rare commodity and retains its value since its patina actually prevents corrosion and decay.  The metal itself is quite valuable and has been since the invention of the axe. When properly installed, copper gutters can last a lifetime, around 150 years.

Our copper gutter rainwater system is seamless, preventing breaks in the system. Seams retain water, and freezing in seams causes expansion and holes in the system.

Ornametalsis the one and only American manufacturer of EuroGutterUSA™. Our copper and zinc gutters have the traditional forward-bead, protecting the fascia board. Instead of having folded-seams and crimp corners, the elbows and downspouts have a tough seamless weld. With a world class roll forming equipment and over 27,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Cullman, Alabama, Ornametals is one of the few manufacturers of a full line of European-style zinc and copper gutters. We also offer radius gutters and customized roof ornaments, leaderheads, finials, flashing, chimney caps, and more.