If you have a website right now, one important thing to do is trying to get higher rankings and we could achieve that through high quality backlinks. By having more backlinks that point to our website, there is an increasing chance that search engine will consider it as a valuable source of information. In general, each backlink could be considered as a voluntary vote by other website owners or comment posters that our website provides genuinely informative content. It should be noted that search engines don’t only look at how much links we get, but also their quality. It means, we should be sure that these links come from credible sources. These websites should be highly relevant to our niche. If our niche is about debt management, then links from websites with health-related topics won’t have any real value. Getting too many links from unrelated sources could put our websites in poor ranking positions for specific keywords.

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How to Gain High Quality Backlinks

Another thing to investigate is whether the source of these links use No Follow or Do Follow attributes. In general, No Follow links have very little or no value for our SEO efforts, because they prevent search engine bots from following the links directly to our website. Even so, it is very possible to get direct traffic from these links, especially if we post thousands of links. Fortunately, there are good ways to obtain high quality links legally. An obvious way is to get links from social media platforms, because it is very easy to do. Adding links on Facebook and Twitter is very easy. We could just leave quick messages along with links to our website or webpages. It is also possible to use automated tweeting tools like Tweet Adder to publish links of our newly published webpages.

Social bookmarking is another important platform, because we could easily build links with them. Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Digg are good platforms to submit our website. In general, we could find forums that are relevant to our topics, sign up and start making quality comments. It is very easy to spam with this method, but we should invest more time to add valuable things to our potential visitors. It is also possible to connect with like-minded experts and potential customers, so we can both enhance our reputation and get possible sales orders.

Directories are another way to get links with decent quality. Some directories are more reliable and have reasonable good PR scores. However, gaining an entry in such directories may require some effort. It is very possible for us to get included inside quality directories, if our website is very unique and offers something interesting. We should choose a category that best suit our website and don’t mass submit our website to hundreds of directories. Too many links from directories could cause penalization. A few links from directories with good PR score are more natural and it is better to get one good links every other week, than getting dozens each day from poor-quality directories.