The Internet is still largely about exchanging information and content will continue to be the king. If our website lacks the link love, there’s a little chance it will be seen by others who may have an interest on our content, products and services. Here are things we could do to get links naturally from other websites:

1. Comment on other related Blogs

One very easy way is to get backlinks from blogs with relevant topics. We should be informative and don’t try to be spammy. Vigilant blog owners will swiftly remove our links and there are also tools to automatically remove spammy comments. It should be noted that most blogs have “no follow” attribute to deter spammers. This tells search engine bots to stop following the link. However, some blogs deliberately use “DoFollow” attribute to encourage interactions between visitors. However, people who adopt the “DoFollow” attribute will vigilantly monitor each comment posted and remove comments with spammy intentions. In general, adding one link in each comment is already more than enough and it is often important to post relevant comments without links to show that we are genuine.

2. Post in relevant Forums

Many forums are based on specific topics or something more general. In many cases, we could find a thread that is related to the topics of our websites. A more efficient way is to look for forums that allow us to include DoFollow signature at the end of each post. This will not only allow us to get plenty of backlinks, but people could also be interested in visiting our websites if we use proper words to describe them.

3. Offer free Advices

There are services that allow us to provide free advices and instructions. The most popular is Yahoo Answers and it allows us to get relatively accurate information and feedback in just minutes, in some cases. We could establish ourselves as an expert in specific niche by being active. Often, we could have an opportunity to include links to an answer and by being an active expert, more and more people will visit our website as a source of information.

Build links to specific pages of our websites

Naturally, Google expect that links are not directed only to our main page, but also to specific webpages. People who arrive to an information-rich webpage in our website could also be encouraged to explore more and look for other interesting things in our website.

4. Write as Guest Bloggers

Many blog owners allow other bloggers to write specific articles for their websites. We should jump at an opportunity to write in other relevant blogs with links as an exchange. In fact, many websites are willing to pay us to write in their blogs and this could become an extra source of income.

5. Offer RSS feeds

RSS feeds don’t really increase our traffic directly, but it should allow multiple aggregators to crawl our website. Bloggers could also use feed-reading tools to get fresh ideas on what to write. By offering RSS feeds could get plenty of benefits.