Whether you are building a home from the ground up or just doing some renovating, the door is one of the most important functions of the house. It acts as the gateway to rooms and represents the room before you have already entered. Installing one properly is important to ensure proper insulation or just to make sure that it does not fall off or damage the frame. Installing a door yourself can provide great satisfaction through knowing you have been able to do the work yourself. Below are some simple suggestions that will aid in giving you a sense of satisfaction in installing your own door.
-Prepare the door
When purchasing your new door, you need to ensure that it fits the frame properly. Generally, door frames measure 24-36 inches, but if you need to trim the door to fit, mark where it will need trimming. If it needs small reductions, trim from the hanging edge. For larger reductions, trim equally from both sides. Use a sharp plane or an appropriate saw for larger reductions, and make sure you trim evenly, while avoid splintering on the top and bottom where components meet.

Getting the Door ready to be Hung

After making sure the door is the correct size for the frame, mark on it the spots where you want the hinges to be placed. Ensure that you use strong door hinges; wooden doors can especially be extremely heavy, so it is advised that you use washered hinges as these are a lot stronger and can support the weight of most doors. Using a sharp chisel, cut out sections of the door edge to correspond the hinge locations on the door frame and, after this has been done, affix the door hinges. Once you have fixed them, place themin the door frame and attach the remaining hinges.

How To Install A Door  A Brief DIY Guide

Attaching the Lock mechanism Handle

After attaching the door securely in the frame, you should proceed with attaching the door’s latch or lock mechanism. Most doors come with a template to indicate the correct location and position. Once you have attached the latch, use a pencil to make a mark through the hole, this is where the handle spindle will go. Once you have drilled a hole and inserted the spindle, attach the rest of the latch and fix into place, you should then fix the rest of the door handle.

Securing the Door in the Frame

Once the door has had the hinges and lock mechanism screwed into place, ensure it has been firmly secured and screwed into the door frame. Attach the remaining hinges screwed into the door, into the frame with the corresponding hinge plates. You may need to use one screw at first, but you can make adjustments. Check to see how it opens with one screw, this way you can get an idea of how it fits. If it opens and closes with ease, use the remaining screws.
Following this brief guide can give you an overview on how to fit an interior door. For more information on fitting, bespoke door services can give excellent suggestions on the best fit for doors and can install them professionally.

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