It’s that time of year when heavy rains and melting snow can be a big headache for some homeowners. Homes built with basements in particular are prone to flooding or moisture problems. You may have already had issues and are aware it can be fixed and even better prevented altogether.

How To Prevent and Fix A Wet Basement


Proper waterproofing in Victoria BC can prevent wet basements. A basement that is not properly waterproofed is one reason moisture can penetrate your foundation and cause problems. Good drainage is also key to directing water away from your home. Moisture can find it’s way into your basement as a result of broken pipes or rainwater from the roof or gutters. One or more of these reasons could be the cause of moisture to penetrate your foundation or basement.

Once a moisture problem starts you could wind up dealing with a number of other issues as well. Mold growth tops the list of things you could be facing once moisture exists. You don’t want to see even a little mold in your basement, it can develop quickly and cause significant health risks. Mold removal can be a difficult and expensive process and if widespread may require trained professionals. It can easily spread to any furniture or belongings you have stored in the space.

Another thing moisture attracts to your home is pests. Many insects love the darkness and moisture that a basement provides. Roaches, spiders, silverfish and a host of other pests will be taking up residence in your basement. A moisture problem that’s allowed to go unchecked could mean you’ll be needing to look at pest control as well hiring a drainage specialist.

Preventing a problem before it happens is always the best option for homeowners. As a homeowner you know your home and may notice a small problem long before it gets to this point. Doing routine maintenance, cleaning gutters and downpipes and dealing with problems as you notice them will save you in the long term.

Fixing Moisture Problems

Having a professional inspect your basement and home’s drainage can uncover wet problems you are not even aware of yet. A drainage expert can help you detect and deal with it before it becomes dangerous. Should there be issues he can offer tips or take action to keep your home moisture free.

Recently the area has experienced unprecedented rain and heavier than usual snow accumulations. The one thing you don’t want is moisture or water penetrating you foundation or basement. For residents in Victoria BC if you noticed problems resulting from the weather or any other concerns when you’re searching for drainage professionals contact WetCoast Drainage Solutions.