Waterproofing that is applied to the concrete foundation or basement of a home is standard procedure today. It’s one of the ways to keep moisture and all the resulting problems from damaging your home.

Types of Waterproofing

Two basic types of waterproofing are used which are sheet membranes and sprays. When deciding which type to use a Victoria BC waterproofing contractor will consider initial cost of the equipment required to complete the work and the time involved to learn excellent waterproofing techniques.

Up front costs for sheet membrane installation are minimal as it requires only a linoleum roller. Once the membrane is in place the roller is used to press the membrane firmly against the concrete wall. Before this can take place an angle grinder is used to clean and smooth out the wall in so the membrane forms a good moisture barrier. Contractors already have this type of equipment used for concrete work and it is used to smooth out any imperfections in the concrete. Apart from that they need roller covers, knives and scrapers all tools they already require for concrete work.

Spray on waterproofing is a more costly method of waterproofing but still reasonable for the protection it provides. Application requires a cube van with a bulk tank inside equipped with a spray rig, nozzles and hoses for the basics. Ladders should be part of the contractor’s tools to access the excavation as well as protective gear when applying the coating. Coveralls, respirators and face shields to protect workers from spray material are a necessity.

The procedure does require some training and usually a manufacturer will provide one day training on how to use the system and how to spray the material onto the wall properly.

Should a contractor choose to use this method there is a bit of a learning curve like most things. Over a period of months workers will become more skilled with their technique. Knowledge of how a concrete structure is put together so the junctures will be waterproof is essential.

The benefits of waterproofing are the same no matter which product is used providing it’s done correctly. Moisture can create a number of escalating problems if allowed to go unchecked. From mold growth and the health risks it causes to pests invading your basement it requires immediate attention. Even the safety issue that moisture over time can undermine the very safety of your foundation if it finds it’s way into cracks in your foundation.

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