Your move is complete and you’re settled in. The new job is okay, your home meets your expectations, but there is a nagging feeling that you have made a move you’ll soon regret. It may take a few months for everything to sink in, but if you’re still feeling that your moving decision was a bad one, undoing everything is important. Here’s how to get it undone.

1. Talk it over with your spouse. Chances are your move involved your spouse, partner or a significant other. This means you’re not the only one vested in your new location. This individual already supports you and wants what is best for everyone. If your spouse is in agreement with your feelings, then discuss what went wrong — you may have moved too far from family or pursued a job that isn’t to your liking. Regardless, staying put may not be your best option, especially if you believe that the move was simply a bad one.

2. Look for a new job. Likely, you need to have a new job in place before you make your move. If your move takes you back to where you used to live, then looking for a new job will take you to a familiar area. One question: does your company have a position for you at your previous location? Then again, maybe it is time to move on. In any case, put out feelers to find the job that is right for you. Only make a move back once you have a job contract signed and delivered.

3. How to pay for your return. Unless your new or current company has the funds available, you’ll be paying for your return home yourself. This means paying for your moving services explains the North American Moving Company. It can also mean selling the home you bought, paying for airline tickets to hunt for a job in your old city, and everything else that comes with a move. Here, you may want to cut your losses and move on, doing whatever it take to get back on your feet in a familiar area again.

4. Build a consensus. If you have children and they’re already in school, you need to tread carefully here. Pulling your children from school may be too disruptive. Waiting to move until the school year has finished may be the best choice for all, especially where their emotional wellness is concerned. This may mean commuting until the school year ends. If you cannot possibly wait to move and you must bring your family with you, then prepare for a rocky transition.

5. List your home. Your new home will soon become your old home. That is, if it sells. This means working with a local real estate agent to list, market, and show your home as soon as possible.  Find an agent whose track record is a strong one. You may have no trouble selling a home in a strong market and a solid neighborhood, but take no chances. To undo your move means having this home off your shoulders. At the same time, work with an agent in your old area to find a home for your family.

Undo This Move

Any move you want to undo will take a lot of work, patience, and time on your part. It isn’t an easy process, but neither is it beyond your reach. The transition can be a long one and your spouse and children may find it extraordinarily difficult. Nevertheless, when your goal is accomplished you’ll feel better for it and be able to put this part of your life in your rear view mirror.