At rest, either field, a cottage on the beach or any style, you should try a simple decoration, not complicate your stay in this place dedicated to relaxation, no worries. Just a matter of knowing condition it to make it a cozy and comfortable place.

The setting of our resting place should be as simple as possible to ensure a relaxing holiday without having to clean a lot of furniture and accessories that ultimately complicate the stay; because they usually are homes that are unoccupied most of the year, the dust can become a headache. So to make decorating easier here are a few simple tips:


Preferably should be sturdy and made ​​with materials based on: rattan, leather, wicker, wood or wrought iron. The upholstery should be with fabric covers to facilitate cleaning. An original choice in furniture, recycling is no longer occupying the home. You can re-upholster and restore them so they are like new.

A successful blend is achieved, for example, with a dining set consisting of a wooden table and iron chairs, if in addition a spider in rustic style and generous size provides some added majesty to the environment.


This is important because they cover the sun on the windows so no dazzle or bother us and they must allow the passage of light during the day, so it’s best to choose rustic materials like cotton or jute rug.

Carpets or Rugs

Uses natural fibers such as jute always in contrasting colors to the floor and furniture. For cottages or beach, the best tones are pale yellow, white, soft pink, peach, blue and green tones.

Floors and Walls

The floors and walls are made mostly by ancient ceramic tiles or appearance; sometimes however you can use to decorate the walls on your own using a template with floral motifs, fruit, etc., forming a border. Note that the most desirable colors are botanical and beach tones such as peach, pale yellow, white, soft pink and green and blue derivatives.


Place wicker baskets and wooden corners, clay vases with branches, glass bowls with river rocks, shells, candles of different sizes, and vases with sand. All give a unique touch to your vacation home, be it style.


Just install the medium really necessary as refrigerator, stove, blender, microwave and television.

Rustic Style

Using accessories and rustic and traditional furniture does not detract from the air of elegance to your place of rest. Just keep in mind that the most suitable for this type of site where you want rest and relaxation, is to find a decor that takes you away in every sense of the routine, so the proposal rustic.

If you do not like the rustic decor at any cost, do not discard the feasibility of adding more contemporary elements. The straight lines, pure forms, raw materials and color accents combine beautifully with antique furniture, a call eclecticism that has managed to become the most common alternative, and generating spaces with lots of character.