As a novice you may think it is hard to handle, you may throwing good money after bad. But you don’t have to worry at this stage because we get these tips to save your budget.

To bring along with you necessary tools. You should bring along these tools in your bag prior to refurbishment. Tape measure (purchase 5cm Tape measure), Calculator and paper folder (use for clip documents). Moreover, prepare some old towels in advance (soft cotton material, use for clean the tile) and some plastic bags to prevent debris block the pipeline.

Pick a good day to start off. Make sure you measure the dimension of every corner of your house before the workman come in. Don’t be lazy and to write it down. You should measure these items: 1. Make clear the areas refer to renovation. In particular, tiling areas, metope paint areas, wallpaper areas and floor areas. 2. Make sure the dimension of main wall, especially for the areas of furniture.

Renovation Tips For Saving Money

Transformation of a variety of water and electricity installation. There are no “take-backs” on Water and electricity transformation. So you must determine the position of switch, lamps, Jacuzzi and washing machine in advance. Before the transformation, cupboard designer can come for a measure, design the schemes for the transformation. Only thing to note here is that air-condition hole should put on the Bed-head side, avoid cooling the air conditioning blows. Keep the distance between detach strong and feeble electricity over 20 cm.

Put up wallpaper. Putting up wallpaper is better than painting, after paint the painter will put nitrocellulose lacquers on the wall. The lacquers will be completely dry in few days so that you can put up the wallpaper.

Note: Do not open windows within 48 hours after the wallpaper have been put, let them dry gradually. At this point, you should think about your furniture.

Purchase furniture or move from your old house. Beds, mattresses, wardrobes and sofa, etc. If you move your furniture from old house ensure you have a good vehicle for your moving, campervan hire Adelaide looks like a pretty good option. Before the furniture move into your house, prepare these subjects: disposable shoe covers, some activated carbon, ladder and floor protective coating (protecting your floor from moving damage). If you buy a cloth art bed, you should think about if the cloth art can take apart, because there are static electricity on synthetic fabrics.