Sync technology or sync in-car as it is commonly known is a communication and entertainment system which enables one to stay in connection to the handheld mobile devices whilst driving. Sync is a voice-activated hand-free, in-car communication entertainment system which is fully integrated mobile phones and digital media player. The following are some of the uses and salient features of voice-activated sync communication devices.

-It only takes a one-touch of the phone button while on the steering wheel for one to make a call.

-Names and numbers in the mobile phone’s address book are automatically transferred wireless to the car.

-The device enables users to access their mobile phones and digital music players via voice commands.

-Sync hosts almost any digital media player and most USB storage devices. This makes it convenient and a favourite for use by many automobile drivers.

Main Sync Technology Features

-Sync is voice-activated and enhances hands-free calling.

-The device has multilingual intelligence and can be used by any dialect or language.

-There are uninterrupted connections.

-Instant voice recognition

-Ringtone support

-Automatic phone book transfer

-Voice-activated music

-Advanced mobile calling features

-Audible text messages

Note: It must be noted that availability of features vary from one car model to another, depending on the manufacturers’ preferences.

Implications Of Sync Technology In Automobiles


Most of the advantages of sync automobile communication device are derived from the above-given features and they include:

-The technology has been availed in a number of vehicles and models and it is still being adopted by more auto manufactures. This will definitely provide great entertainment to motorists.

-Operating the system is highly automated and features like voice activation and hands-free calling makes it ideal for motor vehicle drivers, for there’s minimal interruption while driving.

-The smart voice recognition enables one to operate MP3 player and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with simple voice commands. This is also very convenient and ideal for drivers.

-The multilingual features enhance user ability of the device because many dialects and languages can be used to communicate. These features are very convenient and enhance wider usage of the facility.

-The uninterrupted connections makes it possible for one to continue with a conversation while driving without hanging up.

-The advanced calling features makes it possible to enjoy many calling features which include; Caller ID, Call Waiting, Contacts list, Conference calling, and many more All these features are conveniently located on the radio display screen of the car.


-This is a relatively new technology that’s still being improved on hence many users may be somewhat frustrated by lack of some preferred features or operational technicalities.

-When sync technology was introduced in 2007 only a few car manufacturer like Ford, Lincoln and Mercury had adopted it. There could still few automobiles that would have been fitted with this gadget. This means then that most of the potential customers have to wait a little longer to have it in their cars. -There could be some interruptions in operating the device while driving; there is still some level of interruption which might result into accidents.


Sync technology sounds good for automobile communication and entertainment and is worth a try, though with caution!

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