When we choose mattress for our dream bedrooms, size, thickness, breathability and support force are the points we must consider. Knowing details of them can help us find the best mattress.


Bed can be divided into double bed and single bed. Double bed can be divided into standard size and extra-large double bed. The mattress size for standard double bed is 150*190 and 180*200 for extra-large double bed. Single bed has two categories: bunk bed and 1.2 m simmons bed. Bunk bed is mainly used in school and group quarters. The size for bunk bed is 90*190. Mattress for bunk bed is thin and the size is smaller than bed size. The standard mattress size for simmons bed is 120*190.

Thickness and Misunderstanding for Choosing Mattress

The common thickness of mattress varies from 200 mm to 250 mm. Customer has the misunderstanding that the thicker the mattress is, the better it will be. For satisfying the needs of customers, some manufacturers use different methods to increase the thickness of mattress. Here are the manufacture methods and harm of it:

First, increase the number of coils exceeding specified standard. The thickness of mattress is increased, but the service life of mattress decreased sharply for the number of coils exceeding specified standard.

Second, pad foamed plastic with low density over specification. The density of standard padding foamed plastic cannot less than 22 kg/m³. Low density foamed plastic will make the mattress deform after use for a short time. What is worse, it may cause the danger of hurting people by spring steel wire.

Third, pad with waste material. Filling waste material not only make mattress cannot up to standard on producing technology but also will cause the deformation of spinal column.

Fourth, too much filling will reduce the breathability of mattress. Poor breathability will make the mattress easy to breed germs and may cause skin disease for oxygen deficit.

Fifth, increase the thickness of mattress out of standard make the mattress is too soft for adolescent. It is not good to the healthy development of their spine.


According to scientific data, human body will lose at least 0.5 to 1 litre water in a night. Therefore, breathable mattress can drain out the water human body produce in night and maintain the temperature of contact part for human body and mattress in certain range. This is the key for healthy and high quality sleeping.

Support Force

Many people have the confusion of which one is better: hard mattress or soft mattress? The answer is mattress with moderate hardness and proper support force for human body is the best. When the mattress is too hard, it will do harm to human’s spine. Human’s spine should be in relax statement when sleep. The spine should be in straight when lie on one side. The spine should be in natural S shape when lie on one’s back. The upholstery layer of mattress should be mellow and can change according to human’s body curve. Ideal mattress must have sufficient support force. It can make human body feel comfort and relax. The surface will not sink. It is ease to turn over. Find guide for choosing best mattress here: