These days, there are a number of kitchen appliances available in the market. However, selecting the best among the wide array of appliances is the most confusing part. Similarly, to make a choice between a kitchen mixer and a blender is also quite confusing. So, in order to help you out to make a wise choice between a mixer and a blender listed below are some information about them.

  • Kitchen Mixer:-

There are usually two types of kitchen mixers available in the market – Hand mixer and Stand mixer.

  • Hand Mixer:-

Hand mixer is the most common mixer used by most of the people. It is small handheld, motorized appliance, which is light in weight and portable. It consists of a pair of metal beater attachment that can be changed for different uses such as whipping, mixing and whisking.

It is best for daily baking tasks such as whipping cream, whisking egg and to make cake batter. Its price ranges from low cheap range to highly expensive price. However, the cheaper models are of basic white plastic while the expensive models may have a metal casing and colour option.

Thus, if you have problem regarding space in your kitchen and even have a low budget then, choosing a hand mixer would be an ideal choice for you.

  • Stand Mixer:-

It has a fixed stand attached and a mixing bowl with lever operated arm to which you can attach different attachments according to your use. It comes usually with 3 attachments such as:-Balloon whisk (with the help of this attachment, you can whip cream and whisk egg.), Beater (This is used for preparing cake batter) and Dough hook (It is used for kneading dough.)

Some of the stand mixers also have additional attachments such as jug blender, mincer and food processor, which make them even more versatile than hand mixer. Another plus point of stand mixer is that, it has deep mixing bowl and a splashguard lid.

Stand mixer are large, cumbersome and even quite expensive, but it would be a good investment for a person, who has to prepare food for a crowd of people.

Thus, choosing an electric mixer can help you in preparing more food faster and easier with less ache and pain.

  • Blenders:-

There are many types of blenders such as blender for frozen items, smoothie blender, hand blender and combination blender. Though, blenders are specially used for making smoothies, purees, milkshakes, crushing ice, soups etc, they can even be use for many thing else.

A hand blender is also known as stick blender. It can be handled easily and it has attached blades.  Many versatile blenders come with an attachment of chopping and dicing, but their results are not as good as compared to stand mixers.

Thus, for the people, who love making smoothies and soups, choosing a blender would be an ideal choice.

The choice of a kitchen mixer or a blender depends on your budget and mainly for what purpose you need it.