Cornices are a stylish and ageless accumulation for any place. No matter if you want to decorate your hotel lobby or just want to make your home lounge look more attractive, this decorative option is ideal for your home. There are different styles of cornice that can be selected by people to decorate their house. Some of the main styles are:

  • close cornice
  • box cornice
  • open cornice,

Decorating Corners with Cornice

When it comes to interior decoration, developing and preparing are very important factors. People want to make their house more beautiful and attractive from the inside and cornice can be used for this purpose. A cornice is an additional design of beauty that gets added to the corner of the house such as window corners, ceiling corners, door corners, etc. People can find many different cornice suppliers in their locality. They need to find the one that can offer them different variety and choice from which they can choose the one that will suit the interior design of their house.

Different Types of Cornices

Cornices are available in the different shapes, designs, and sizes. They are normally equal in width and height. They can be also made from various different types of material such as Plaster of Paris, wood, etc. and depending on their utilization people can select one they want to use. Finding the right kind of cornice is not an easy task and people need to do much research before selecting any cornice for their house. People can search online, check in magazine, newspapers, etc. There are many different types of cornice suppliers people can find. There are many benefits of using cornice in your house as decorative design. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Using cornice in various corner of the house allows people to hide unwanted hardware such as electricity, telephone cables, etc.
  • Another advantage of the cornice is that it blends with the design, color and style of the interior of your house.
  • The people designing their cornice can make it more customized as per the design and style of their house.

Different Materials Used for Cornice:

  • Plaster: Plaster is used in many different types of functions. It is commonly used in medical, house ceilings, coating walls, etc.
  • Paper covered gypsum: Gypsum is nothing but soft sulfate mineral that comprise calcium sulfate dehydrate along with a chemical formula of CaSo. This material is covered with paper that is made to give a decorative look to the house in the form of cornice.
  • Polyurethane: It is a polymer collected of a chain of organic elements coupled with carbamate connections.
  • Expanded polystyrene: It is nothing but scented polymer prepared from a liquid petrochemical and the monomer styrene.
  • Timber: It is made from wooden material made for light in weight and last longer.

The skill of putting up decorative cornices includes getting the mold at all corners to show as normal ends for whirling. If possible, all inside corners must revolve at the similar part of the mold on the cornice. People cannot just place up a span thinking that the next span will attain the corner at a suitable end in the mold. Applying of cornice can only be done by experts who have knowledge how it will fit in the corners of the house.

Different Types of Adhesive Used to Apply Cornice:

  • Plaster powder adhesive: It is required to be combined with water previous to utilizing it. Any of the left adhesive required to be disposed of by proper means.
  • Ready combined plaster adhesive: It is available in a tube for utilization. It is applied at the end of the cornice and then it is fixed on the corner of the ceiling.

These above mentioned points will help you to apply cornice for house. For more info you can visit the link to get more details about plaster cornice.