The image of a white bathroom (shown) would easily grace the pages of interior design magazines anywhere. It has all that is required; neat design lines, lots of space and enough storage space to keep a large family happy and satisfied at the same time. It is a neat contemporary design which emphasises on space and light. Such spacious washroom with intriguing lighting patterns is the ruling interior design trend worldwide.

Is there Something Lacking?

But look at what is missing rather then what is there and the one striking thing about the entire image is the lack of colour. Without colour a living space lacks something. White walls, white ceiling and white doors and window frames in a modern home appear clinical, almost cold. White is at times synonymous to lack of expression and it can even spoil the mood without any proved reasons what so ever. This is exactly why, adding a splash of colour might offer a radical new transformation to the washroom.

Imagine such a room bereft of colour; no framed pictures or other fixtures and fittings to break up the monotony and add a depth to a two dimensional appearance.

Now, imagine that same room with natural brick or stone walls, pictures hanging on the walls, ornaments on the mantelpiece and fixtures and fittings all designed to complement the natural beauty of the room. Now imagine that bathroom which appears in the image with coloured tiles and flooring. You will instantly make out the difference that colour and other interior projections and accessories create in case of interior design.

Natural Stone Bathrooms An Affordable Luxury You Can't Do Without

Add Colour and Warmth

In order to create a living space which has depth and to make it appear less ‘clinical’ for want of a better word, it is essential that there is colour present. The same is true  for a bathroom as well; adding colour, especially in the rich natural tones which a natural stone bathroom creates depth and warmth which would not otherwise be so clear. It is important to note that the availability of host of colour options in the market has made the job of interior design even easier. It is providing the house owners with an opportunity to get a wash room just as they want.

Natural stone may be seen as an indulgence and some might say in these austere times that it is a luxury which few can afford. However, the cost of creating a personal space from natural stone is not a lot more than creating a space with lifeless, soulless white floor and wall tiles.

Natural stone has an aesthetic appeal; it is durable, hard wearing yet is a perceived luxury item which is well within the reach of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Average’ looking to incorporate into their personal bathroom some elements of a luxurious spa.

If you’re in a position where you are looking to completely refurbish a bathroom or merely overhaul an existing set up without breaking the bank, think twice before going for the run of the mill ordinary.

Bland, clinical and soulless or warm, inviting and cosy; splashed with colour your new bathroom will invigorate, excite and delight.

I know which one I would prefer.