The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes the time for reaching out to people and letting them know that you care. Often, this means sending a card or note with a special holiday greeting.

And companies are no exception to this. Corporations send cards to employees, customers and partners, to let them know that the company values their service or business, and to spread holiday wishes and goodwill.

But since a company is different from a family or circle of friends, they should take some extra time to come up with cards that send the right message, in the right way. Below are some ideas to help companies send out the most effective corporate Christmas ecards (you can view more here).

Ideas For Corporate Christmas eCards

Send cards that work for everyone – Some companies have a casual, open environment that sometimes encourages a ‘quirky’ sense of humor. That said, the company shouldn’t assume that their customers will necessarily enjoy the same sense of humor. Choose a card and message that will thank your customers for their business, but not put them off with humor they may not understand.

However, make it personal – Don’t go so overboard with your desire not to offend that you end up sending ecards devoid of any personal touch at all. In that case, you risk sending something that seems canned, like a form letter, and this can also offend your clients. Take the time to craft a simple, heartfelt message to your clients, and let them know you’re thinking about them. Likewise, if you can find a way to include a custom, personal message to every customer, it will go a long way.

Decide on a design early – The earlier you begin the process of selecting the card(s) you want to use, the better. You’ll be surprised how long it can take to decide on what design to use, and what messages to include, in your cards. This is especially true in corporate environments, where there are several different perspectives and opinions involved. So don’t leave it until the last minute to decide.

Don’t forget anyone – Make sure you go over your list of employees, customers, and anyone else you’re sending corporate Christmas ecards to, and then check that list twice, and maybe a third time. Nothing creates a negative impression quite like leaving someone off a Christmas card list, especially if that person knows that others did receive a card from your company.

Add a few names you haven’t added before – While you’re at it, why not take the time to add a few names to your list? For example, if there is a potential customer or prospect that you’re working on, why not send them a card as well? It might be just the added touch.