Based on the fact that the winter season is right around the corner, now is the opportune time for you to ensure that your HVAC system is in optimum shape, so that you can avoid the uncomfortable scenario of a breakdown of your HVAC system, right when you need it the most. Even if you assume that your system is working perfectly fine, if you haven’t been changing the filters of your HVAC system every month, then unfortunately, the risk that your HVAC will malfunction at some point during the winter is fairly high. Here are some reason why many hvac denver co contractors advice to change your filters every month.

1) Optimum Efficiency

Similar to the summer season, during the winter season, your hvac denver co system will be working twice as hard, in comparison to the autumn and spring season. Whenever your filter is clogged with dust particles and pet dander for example, it essentially forces your system to work harder due to a reduced level of airflow. When you look at the fact that it will be working even harder during the winter to provide an adequate amount of heat for your home, you can see how the life span of your furnace can be reduced as an end result.

2) Higher Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency states that most homes within America have a lower level of air quality within it that the air that is outside. Some of the things that contribute to this lower level of air quality is the pet dander, dust, mold spores and bacteria that circulate in the confined restraints of the walls, of your home. The air quality is ultimately made worse with a clogged filter, because of a lower level of airflow, these irritants will continue to build up.

3) Lower Utility Bill

As mentioned before, a clogged filter will cause your heating and air denver co system to work harder. When it has to work harder, it consumes more energy. The Department of Energy states that the average home accumulates approximately $2,200 in energy bills. Experts estimate that by changing your air filter every month, you can save as much as 5-15%, or approximately $110-$330 in this scenario.

4) Compliance With Your Warranty

The costs associated with replacing an HVAC system is extremely high. As such, many people feel comfortable about the fact that if the system breaks down, during the time period of their warranty, that they can contact the manufacturers for a replacement. What few people know though, is that literally every manufacturer will strongly advise that you contact a heating and air denver co company to run routine maintenance jobs such as changing your filters. If you fail to do so, the manufacturer may determine that the breakdown of the system occurred as a direct result of poor maintenance procedures from your end and will void the warranty as an end result.

Jerome works as a prominent hvac denver co company, that firmly believes that by educating the public on the importance of regular maintenance that they can literally save thousands of dollars and avoid the costs of acquiring a replacement.