Decades have passed and pantyhose is still used nowadays. Way back, it was worn by women to cover up their bare legs. It was not only trend in the early years but it was also a way of dressing elegantly and conservatively.

Today, mos women are into a fashion trend involving mini skirts and shorts. However, they see pantyhose as a garment meant only to be worn by office ladies. They do not realize that these stockings are not only quite useful but they also add a very sexy mystery to the wearer, just like in the yesteryear.

Pantyhose Is A Symbol Of Elegant Women

Top 7 Reasons Why Woman Should Wear Pantyhose

  • Pantyhose keep you warm all the time. They are quite easy to find as they are available in most markets and even in online stores. Search by typing pantyhose online shopping in India or wherever you are located will give you a variety of selection that can be convenient during the cold days.
  • Whatever color you are wearing, they can conceal dark spots, bumps, pimples, cellulite, moles, unshaven hair, calluses or even rolls of fat. You will not only look fashionable but also free from blemishes!
  • Shoes fit better when one is wearing a pair of pantyhose. This will also prevent your feet from becoming sweaty causing bad odor. It also provides cushion from blisters.
  • The mysterious sexiness factor is an advantage when wearing these. It makes a woman more seductive and alluring. Even in the 1950’s when women are supposed to wear decently out in the public with knee-length skirts as the shortest bottoms they could wear, a pair of pantyhose can transform their innocent look into mysteriously enticing.
  • Pantyhose can smooth out someone’s figures. They have different fittings and the ones that can give a good shape under a body contouring dress or a tight skirt is good-fitting pantyhose in the upper area. It is capable of hiding bulges and muffin tops that can create an unflattering look. Instead, it gives a curvy look that a lot of people will not even know is the work of a stocking.
  • These prevent the accumulation of blood to one’s lower extremities. Although it can cover up varicose veins, you do not actually want them do you? Whether you are standing or sitting for a long time, the wearer will be spared from aching body pains at the end of the day.
  • Pantyhose make a woman look well-dressed, sophisticated, professional, elegant and pull-together. Every royalty would know that these are staples in each of their outfits. It even makes the legs look so well-toned and well-shaped that any lady would be so thrilled to pair it with all their mid-length skirts.

These garments are now available in different colors, as they are not only used in formal occasions exclusively anymore since they are now used with casual outfits. They are not even expensive; they are definitely cheaper than a pedicure and a leg wax. Pantyhose could be your lifesaver on lazy hurried days of yours!