With a concrete porch there are different types of damage that can happen so this means that there are different methods of repair.  When it is a small crack it will be repaired differently than larger cracks or chips.  There may even be instances where the porch cannot be repaired and will have to be rebuilt.  No matter what type of repair you will be doing you need to clean the area that is affected completely first in order to remove any grit, dirt, or anything else than can mess up the repair.


Small cracks

This type of repair can be taken care of quite easily because they usually do not cause structural damage.  You can repair these cracks using a mixture called latex cement.  You can get this at a home improvement or hardware store.  It is a type of fill and adhesive mixture that is packaged in a couple of bottles or tubes.  You will have to mix the two together by following the manufactures instructions in order to get the mixture as strong as possible.  Before you apply the mixture you need to moisten the porch where the crack is but do not soak the area.  Using a flat tool like a trowel, press the mixture into the crack as far back as you can push it.  Scrape off any excess mixture with the tool’s edge and allow to harden.  It is best if this is done on a warm sunny day because if it is raining the porch will be too wet.

Large cracks

With larger cracks the concrete porch can be repair in much the same way as with smaller cracks with the only differences being that you will need more of the latex cement and it will need to be applied differently.  Because the crack is larger you need to use a wire brush to get all the loose debris from the area around the crack.  Instead of applying one large application of the latex cement you will need to put in a few thin layers of it for the best results.  With layers being thinner you will have more durability and strength.  Before repairing the larger cracks you need to check to see if there has been any damage and that the porch will structurally sound.

If the porch is not structurally sound because of the large crack you may need to do a partial or full demolition and rebuild the demolished part of the porch.  You will need a sledgehammer or jackhammer to crush up the part of the porch to be demolished.  Then you will need to have the new concrete slab poured to make the porch structurally sound by professional concrete contractors to ensure it is done correctly.