Most people can spot roof damage. However, in order to assure the greatest level of success in assessing the roof’s overall condition, it is best to employ a licensed roofing company. If shingles have become loose, a limb has fallen on the roof; hiring licensed Sheffield roofers trained in inspection makes sense. Following are scenarios you may wish to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your roof.

Roof Patching

Possible concerns with patch work: Consider that any type of patch work is obvious. Shingles that are part of the original roof may be a different colour hue than the shingles that are currently on the roof. The newer shingles will appear as a different shade. Over time, the colour of the shingles, on the top of the house, naturally fade. If the slight colour variation bothers you, then you may wish to replace the roof.

Dealing with Old Roofing Nails and Holes

Nails that require replacement may be rusted–especially on metal roofs. A nail that is rusted needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The new nails need to go into new nail holes. The holes where nails were removed will need to be sealed. Any areas where rust is apparent will need to be cleaned with a rust remover.

Cracked Tiles

Any area where tiles are cracked or shingles are worn can be replaced easy enough. If there is an area where the shingles or tiles are cracked, the inspector wisely avoids walking on top of these areas. If broken roofing tiles or shingles are stepped upon, more breakage results.

Persons who notice that roofing shingles have broken down into tiny bits inside their gutters are wise to replace the roof. Shingles which have crumbled are a true indicator of extensive roof damage. The shingles, since they are crumbled, no longer have enough strength to address changes in climate.

Some Advice from the Roofing Professionals

Sheffield roofers offer the following advice when selling your home:

  1. How soon am I going to sell my house? If you are going to sell the house shortly, then a replacement may be easier than a roof repair–and also speedier.
  2. Is your roof two decades old? A roof which is twenty years or older has outlasted the warranty period. In the preceding case: the roof requires replacement.
  3. Was your roof replaced prior to your purchasing the home? If you are not certain about the preceding detail; check for signs of roof damage as mentioned above. Certain persons will have tile roofs, in certain regions; persons in other regions will have shingled styled roofs.
  4. Insignificant patch work will greatly alter the roof’s appearance. Consider that patch work may not look very appealing to a prospective purchaser.
  5. Lastly, if you would rather not repair or replace the roof, anticipate a lower price when you do receive an offer. Sheffield roofers advise roof replacement adds to your home’s value.

Replacement or repair of your roof is highly dependent on your budget and the general overall condition of the roof. Consider the preceding information when deciding whether or not to replace your existing roof.

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